Tuesday, 7 November 2017

NULLA OSTA / STAINED HAND / MIDNIGHT CLIMAX / DROTPAD 03.11.2017., Stara škola, Novi Marof

another one gig in Marof for which I was really, really looking forward to because of many reasons.. 1st of all I couldn't wait for proving myself that last time's low attendance was only because the gig was in the middle of the week and that some punk spirit isn't still dead in Marof, then when I just remember how it was a bloody hell of a gig and after party last time when Nulla Osta played in Marof, back then in 2008, almost 10 years ago, that was one of the best parties in my life, that's for sure.. unfortunately I knew that this time won't be that wild 'cause I was working the other day in the morning, but I'm already fine with that..
this time I was going alone and when I arrived there were already a lot of familiar faces which was the fact that brings smile all over my face, it was even hard to greet everyone I know and which I didn't see for a while..
shortly after 21:00 gig started and in charge to open it this time were a young punk band from Zagreb named Drotpad.. well, I don' like this style of punk and they were kinda boring to me and even I got the feel that I wasn't the only one feeling like this.. also think that they played a little too long, or maybe it just seemed to me because in one moment their bass player was having some troubles, broken string or something so she was waiting for someone to lend her bass guitar and that took a while.. I mean Jan from Agathocles was playing bass with only two strings back then and it was a way more complicated music, hehe..
anyhow, after they finished stage was taken by another one young hc punk band from Zagreb, Midnight Climax which are very active lately, if  I can notice, as with live shows (in last year, since they exist, they played in almost every city in Croatia where punk gigs actually happens) they are also preparing new material which should be out soon.. fast hc punk with short songs, on some with dual vocals, they played few covers and one of them was, If I get it well by Negative Approach and yes, you can easily say they are influenced with american hc punk from 80's/90's.. on the first sight they have everything what's needed to be a great hc punk band but for my fucked up and selective music taste there's just something missing and I watched their show somehow indifferent.. but they sure were better then Drotpad..
after short pause, Stained Hand from Karlovac.. this was already their second visit to Marof, they played benefit for BASK also, some 8 months ago.. well, it was nice opportunity to see them sober because last time I was drunk like hell.. but my 1st impression on them stayed unchanged, they are good band, but I don't like those slow parts and breakdowns.. except that really nice hc punk crust on trails toward powerviolence, they sure got potential..
and for the end, after some longer tuning and preparations, dinosaurs from Pula reinforced with young power on the drums.. at the beginning they reminded us on the last time when they were playing here and asking who of the crowd was on that gig, so obviously Marof remained in good memory to them also.. 1st song sounded kinda strange like weird acoustic version of Nulla Osta but after that things  come to their place and they provided us with dangerously good hc punk crust with two distorted basses (I'm really into those bass only bands lately, hehe), fast, uncompromising and straight to your head.. they played a lot of their older hits like Posljednji evolucijski krug, Ne vjeruj, to me maybe favorite by them Na krilima slobode, but also few fresher from latest album "Kad utihnu psi...".. pleasantly filled Stara škola was enjoining one more great show by Nulla Osta.. my full support always goes to young bands but once again veterans was demonstrating how it should be done..
in the end I'm happy and glad that gig in Marof once again looked like we are all used to, good and friendly bands, good fun and most important a lot of people (as L told me there was 60 tickets sold, all together with bands around 80 people) from all over - Zagreb, Karlovac, Rijeka, Varaždin, Čakovec, Ormož and so on.. I really like and miss such intercity gigs which were so usual and normal before, I mean that's how it should be, that's everything..
even if this report ends up somehow boring and short, well I was there only few hours during the show itself, immediately after the gig I was on my way to home to catch some sleep and to be in at least little normal state next morning at the work, but it was really good concert and I hear that later it was cheerful and interesting after party, considering on who all were there I didn't even doubt it..
until the next time, cheers and stay well!..

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