Friday, October 20, 2017

video projection: "Odpadki Druge Generacije" documentary movie 27.10.2017. Novi Marof

another one event in the row in Novi Marof organised by friend of mine who is super active lately.. this time video projection of documentary film about the punk movement in Slovenia after disintegration of ex-Yugoslavia.. this movie already received a lot of attention all over the Balkans and there was similar projections all over the Slovenia and abroad, so now it's time for Novi Marof..
also one more interesting gig is in preparation two weeks from now in Marof, but more info about this one in next few days..

what? projection of documentary movie Odpadki Druge Generacije
when?.........27.10.2017., Friday
where?........Stara škola, Novi Marof

about the movie:
"Punk had to die so it could live.
After the independence of Slovenia it seemed that the story of Slovenian punk is finished. But every end is a new beginning. After 1991 rose a new, second generation of punks who still believe that another world is possible and necessary.
Active members of the underground: musicians, activists, squatters, music promoters and organizers tell us about punk ideology, culture, music, squatting movement, lust for freedom and political struggle under the flag of anarchism. First hand, forthright.
This is a document of independence, love for music and creativity. Reflection on the work of passion and of the world not driven by capital.

From the punks for the punks."

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

                                           when?...................22.10.2017., Sunday
                                           where?..................Klaonica squat, Zagreb
                                           who?.....................LA CASA FANTOM experimental core, Nor
                                                                         RUINAS stenchcore, Arg
                                                                         CC punk, Cro
                                           entrance?...............25 kn

upcoming gig in Rijeka, Croatia

when?..............................21.10.2017., Saturday
where?.............................Podrum, Rijeka
who?................................LA CASA FANTOM experimental core, Nor
                                         RUINAS stenchcore, Arg


more info

Saturday, October 7, 2017

DEATHWISH / U.B.T. / OTVORENI PRELOM / DISBAJA 05.10.2017., Stara škola, Novi Marof

after a long, actually too long time, one more interesting gig in Novi Marof.. there was some ultra positive atmosphere and mood all around this one whole two weeks before it happened, from the day I found out about it, probably the reason was just that there wasn't any gig with such good line up like for ages in Marof and, well it is Marof.. I had huge expectations of it, was sure there will be a lot of familiar faces and one more great party, but this time I was so wrong.. at least with one part..
but let's go from beginning.. as I found out from the conversation with L who organised this event, there was a plan to make some gig for Disbaja in Marof for a long time already so when Otvoreni Prelom was asking for a gig on their mini tour through Croatia that was great opportunity to call Disbaja as well.. U.B.T. are old friends and glad too see guests and only two days before gig Deathwish from USA pop out and instead of gig in Zagreb where they were supposed to play that night they are transferred in Marof.. and this is how this interesting crew of bands ended out together in small city in the middle of week (Thursday).. well, and that was the biggest problem, as shown later..
when me and Š arrived in 20:30 (gig was about to start in 21:00) there wasn't literally no one except organiser, two guys who were supposed to work on bar, the guy selling tickets and folks from the States.. that's where we start to be a little suspicious about if there will be any people there.. there was some joke about how confused guys from Deatwish looks like and was probably asking themselves, something like, where the hell we come to.. shortly after, guys from Otvoreni Prelom arrived, as we later found out they had some car accident on the way and a lot of troubles, that's was the reason why they were late, and few minutes after them crew from Zagreb also come with all the backline so after setting everything up gig could begin.. in meantime some 10 - 15 people gathered not counting the bands members and that just make me sad.. I mean, I do realize that it was Thursday, a lot of people was working the other day, go to school, etc., but I was also at 5AM next morning on my way to work, even some band members was working the other day but still we were there.. I really didn't expect that, and that's just shame..
anyhow, Deathwish takes their positions and open the gig without any sound check or whatever and they played their 20-25 min set without any compromises despite they were in front of 30 people or less, respect for that.. I'm not fan of such kind of music, heavily Motorhead influenced hc punk, but they sure are good, well played band and it was extra interesting to see them this night..
after really short pause, U.B.T. takes the stage and they kicked some asses.. thousand times better gig then the last time in Marof and they were great back then too.. vocal was almost sober this time, they sound more rehearsed then ever, I really like what V is doing with guitar and all together it was great performance.. short set by them in old school raw hc punk way with a lot of microphonia and noise in between songs, a little bit echoed vocals, friend said that they sounded like After the Bombs, well they sounded more "american" than Deathwish, hehe.. everything was great by them only a little too short performance due shortness of their songs, so I hope that they will make few new ones 'till the next time and play a bit longer..
after them, Otvoreni Prelom from Serbia.. I don't know what I feel about this band, they aren't too good to me at studio recordings but I liked few live videos I watched on youtube before.. anarcho colored hc punk by them, occasionally with two vocals, they somehow reminds on all this 90's/early 00's atmosphere but there is just something missing, don't know what but can't decide if I like them or not, strange.. anyhow good performance by them too..
and for the end, as it once again confirmed that night the best and the most quality domestic band at the moment - Disbaja.. last time when I was watching them in Zagreb, if I remember well they were playing mostly some newer songs and sounded to me more metal as it should be, by far when it's about my taste so I was a little bit worry how they will sound but this time they were playing also old songs like to me the best What Are You Looking For, Saboteri Mladosti and Fog of Lies, also cover of Varuker's Another Religion Another War and with their 30-35 min performance finally shaken up those 30 people who were there.. and yes they were only band that night that was asking to play bis, and they of course did.. they are really, really mighty band live and even if I'd watched them already like 10+ times I just want more!..
after the gig and just few words and pictures with "crowd" we go home because we were working in the morning.. at the end it was actually a hell of a gig, I'm just sorry and kinda ashamed when such good bands need to play for 15 people or for other bands.. we complain about the scene every day and when you should bring your lazy ass to a gig and support your local scene you stay at home.. that's just lame.. and yes, the most important on the facebook event there was like 40 people "is going" and 58 "is interested" - up the facebook punks!.. and to all other people from Varaždin, Marof and Čakovec for which I know that they aren't assholes - where the hell were you on Thursday!??..
I mean I was on gigs, for example in Zagreb, with such or even less number of people but didn't expect that from Marof..
luckily we were drinking a lot so organiser manage to collect some gas money for the bands from the beers.. also bands from Zagreb left their part of money to bands that were on tour and except of great playing that was the only praiseworthy thing and bright part of this night..
see you next time.. I hope in bigger number..

Thursday, October 5, 2017

few upcoming gigs..

when?.............09.10.2017., Monday
where?............Monteparadiso club, Pula
who?...............DAŠA FON FLAŠA acoustic punk, Sk
                        ANTISOCIAL SKILLS hc punk, Cz

when?...........12.10.2017., Thursday
where?..........Bolid, Varaždin
who?.............DAŠA FON FLAŠA acoustic punk, Sk
                      ANTISOCIAL SKILLS hc punk, Cz
                      SENF metal punk, Cro
entrance?.......15 kn

when?.......12.10.2017., Thursday
where?......Monteparadiso club, Pula
who?.........FORCA MACABRA hc punk, Fin
                  KOVAA RASVAA hc punk, Fin

when?......12.10.2017., Thursday
where?.....Klaonica squat, Zagreb
who?........GENERACION SUICIDA melodic punk, USA
                 ILL WIND punk'n'roll, Cro
                 DROTPAD punk, Cro
entrance?..30 kn

when?......13.10.2017., Friday
where?.....Klaonica squat, Zagreb
who?........FORCA MACABRA hc punk, Fin
                 KOVAA RASVAA hc punk, Fin
                 NO SANCTUARY metal punk, Spa
entrance?..30 kn

when?..........14.10.2017., Saturday
where?.........Suburbia, Novi Sad
who?............FORCA MACABRA hc punk, Fin
                    KOVAA RASVAA hc punk, Fin
                    NO SANCTUARY metal punk, Spa
                    MUTABO mutant crust punk, Ser
entrance?.....300 din

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

reminder on tomorrow's gig in Novi Marof

so, it's look like tomorrow will be another one interesting and hopefully great night in Marof.. everything is ready and except previously announced bands as the last minute surprise there is confirmed one more, Deathwish, motor-charged punk from Wisconsin, USA who should have gig in Zagreb that day.. maybe not really band by my taste, but it will sure be interesting and fun to watch band from USA in Novi Martof..
besides them there will also play Otvoreni Prelom from Senta, Serbia which are on mini tour through Croatia, and after Marof they will play also in Pula and Kastav.. like "domestic" support there will be great Disbaja, raw punk crusties from Zagreb which in last few gigs experimented a lot with some more metal influences as it was usual before, so it will be also very interesting to hear.. and for the end also great band, 2nd time visiting Marof U.B.T. raw oldschool hardcore punk with members from Zagreb and Čakovec which are pretty active lately with live shows..
I'm really looking forward to this gig and hope to see some familiar faces there.. until tomorrow, stay well and cheers!.. pankčina..

Monday, October 2, 2017

upcoming gig in Idrija, Slovenia

when?..........06.10.2017., Friday
where?.........Swenak, Idrija
who?............DISEASE d-beat raw punk, Mac
                     DEATHWISH motorcharged crust, USA
                     S.O.R. oldschool hc, Slo
                     GRABLE punk, Slo
                     KRIPEL BATALJON hc punk, Slo

Sunday, October 1, 2017

UDAR GROMA festival 2017

poster for upcoming, 4th edition of Udar Groma festival in Karlovac 06.-08.10.2017.. 1st night looks really promising.. this is actually poster for music part of the fest and about other events there you can find out something more on this link (on Croatian only)..

Friday, September 29, 2017

upcoming gig in Novi Marof, Croatia

when?...........05.10.2017., Thursday
where?..........Stara škola, Novi Marof
who?.............OTVORENI PRELOM @ punk, Ser
                      DISBAJA raw punk metal, Cro
                      U.B.T. raw hc punk, Cro
entrance?.......25 kn

for a long long time there wasn't gig in Novi Marof with such good line up.. see you there!..

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

LA CASA FANTOM live @ Dojd/Major, Moscow (Russia) 08.10.2012. - video

well, for me La Casa Fantom is perfect example of how internet and ease of access to endless number of bands isn't always good thing.. I think, I heard many times about La Casa Fantom before, listen their recordings which I downloaded from the net couple of times, even I might be on one of their gigs in Zagreb, can't remember exactly, probably I was drunk, but in this sea of thousands of hc punk bands I've lost them somewhere in bunch of DVDs with mp3 files which are collecting dust in some drawer.. and I'm sure, if I bought some of their records and not only downloaded mp3 files they would draw my attention before because in that case I would give it a closer listen for sure..
luckily, few months ago I ran into, well probably the most awesome live video on youtube.. it's just incredibly how just one bass guitar and drums can provide such huge amount of energy, noise, force and emotions.. really great music, sometimes melodic and sometimes totally noisy, slow and then again fast, two down tuned vocals from hell, all together brings enormous wall of despair and depression which will hit you like a fast train.. that especially applies on their live shows but their records are also story for itself..
it's very hard to define what genre they belong to so I will not even try to put them in some borders, some says that they play neo crust, I wouldn't agree but check it for yourself.. in my opinion they are definitely band which could easily outgrow some diy hc punk frames but they still keeps everything in real diy spirit, releasing records on their own, going on tours, etc. which is great..
to compensate my lack of dedication to this band in the past I'm waiting the mailman with their LP "Feed My Silence" which is on it's way and will most likely go on their shows in Rijeka and Zagreb next month while they are on tour..
and you, for the beginning, can now sit comfortably, have some beer, turn up your speakers and enjoy this masterpiece, and then maybe you join me on the gigs.. if you're not fun of such noise you might need to listen this couple of times before realising what I wan't to say and of all the greatness of this, but eventually you will.. at least that was the case with me.. cheers!..

P.S. - video doesn't have "embed" option so you can't watch it here, but below is the link which I found on this channel..

Monday, September 25, 2017

OTVORENI PRELOM mini tour in Croatia



Sunday, September 24, 2017

DISEASE euro tour October/November 2017

now this is what I call a tour.. Macedonian finest d-beaters are hitting the road once again and will conquer Europe in next two months.. they still need help for few dates so if you can help, contact them..

''Dis Nightmare Will Never End...'' European tour 2017

01.10.Skopje (MK) -CONFIRMED
02.10.Thessaloniki (Greece) – CONFIRMED
03.10.Sofia (Bulgaria) - CONFIRMED
04.10.Belgrade (Serbia) - TBC
05.10.Budapest (Hungary) - CONFIRMED
06.10.IdrijaLjubljana (Slovenia) - CONFIRMED
07.10.Bologna (Italy)-Need help!!!
08.10.Milano (Italy) @ COA T 28
10.10.Winterthur (Switzerland) - TBC
11.10.Zürich (Switzerland) – TBC.
12.10.Frankfurt (Germany) - CONFIRMED
13.10.Kortrijk (Belgium) @ The Pits - (CONFIRMED)
14.10. Gent(Belgium)-CONFIRMED
15.10. Liège (Belgium)-CONFIRMED
16.10.Eindhoven/Rotterdam (Netherlands) - Need help!
17.10.Amsterdam(Netherlands) - CONFIRMED
18.10. …and more drinking….
19.10.Groningen (Netherlands) @ Bambara
20.10.Bremen (Germany) @ G 18
21.10. Kiel (Germany) - CONFIRMED
22.10. …still drinking…
23.10.Copenhagen (Denmark) - TBC
24.10. Malmo - Need help???
25.10. Gothenburg, Linkoping, Norrkoping - Need help???
26.10. Oslo (Norway) @ Barrikaden
27.10.Orebro (Sweden) - Need help? 
28.10.Avrika (Sweden)-CONFIRMED
29.10. Umea (Sweden) - Confirmed
30.10...and some more drinking...
31.10.Lulea (Sweden) - CONFIRMED

01.11.Oulu (Finland)- CONFIRMED @Tukikohta
02.11.Kuopio (Finland) @ Ottopoika (Confirmed)
03.11.Tempere (Finland)-CONFIRMED
04.11.Turku (Finland) - CONFIRMED
05.11.Helsinki (Finland) @ Sir Oliver
06.11.Tallinn (Estonia) @ Ülase 
07.11.Riga (Latvia)-CONFIRMED
08.11.Vilnius (Lithuania) @ XI20 (confirmed)
10.11.Grodno (Belarus)-CONFIRMED
12.11.Torun (Poland)-CONFIRMED
13.11. Warsaw (Poland) @ Przychodnia Squat (confirmed)
14.11.Berlin (Germany) – CONFIRMED
15.11.Leipzig (Germany) - Need help!
16.11. ...and drinking...
17.11.Prague (Czech Rep.) - CONFIRMED
18.11.Brno (Czech Rep.)-CONFIRMED
19.11.Bratislava (Slovakia)-CONFIRMED
20.11.Vienna (Austria) – CONFIRMED
21.11. Postojna (Slovenia) – CONFIRMED
22.11.Zagreb (Croatia) - Need help!
23.11.Novi Sad (Serbia)-CONFIRMED

Saturday, September 23, 2017

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

when?..........30.09.2017., Saturday
where?.........Grey Room, Zagreb
who?............DISORDER hc punk, UK
                     DISBAJA raw punk metal, Zg
                     BAKTERIJE punk, Čk