Saturday, December 6, 2014


10.01.2015. skopje (macedonia)
11.01.2015. thessaloniki (greece)
12.01.2015. komotini (greece)
14.01.2015. istanbul (turkey)
15.01.2015. kavala (greece)
16.01.2015. kraljevo (serbia)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

upcoming gig in Ljubljana, Slovenia

when?....................5.12.2014., Friday
where? Gromka, Ljubljana
who?......................H.H.B. sludge doom crust, Slo
                              H.D.H. post metal sludge, Cro
                              HAZARDER doom stoner crust, Cro
entrance?...............5 kn


Wednesday, December 3, 2014


"Infoshop Furija is an autonomous space in a squatted building of InexFilm.
The space of the infoshop is used for libertarian practice and theory, that is, for organizing of counter-cultural events such as discussions, film screenings, distribution of radical literature and building the culture of solidarity and mutual aid.
Infoshop Furija is located at the address Višnjička 76, Belgrade."

"Infošop Furija je autonomni prostor koji se nalazi u skvotiranoj zgradi InexFilm.
Prostor infošopa namenjen je slobodarskoj praksi i teoriji odnosno organizovanju kontrakulturnih događaja poput diskusija i projekcija filmova, distribuciji radikalne literature i građenju kulture solidarnosti i uzajamne pomoći.
Infošop Furija se nalazi na adresi Višnjička 76, Beograd."


AFONIA (powerviolence/grind band from Russia) are searching for labels to release new album

"Afonia is powerviolence/grindcore band from Russia (Asha city, Southern Ural). Basically songs and lyrics of AFONIA reflect social & political position of the band, but some of them are founded on our personal experience, feelings and emotions.
Grindcore/powerviolence for friendship between nationalities and against borders and human scum!!!"

so Afonia, which you could saw few weeks ago in Čakovec, as well as all over the europe while they were on tour are in search of label or labels which would release their new album.. if you are interested and could help write them at:
at their bandcamp page you can hear one new song, as well as some old..

AKTIVNA PROPAGANDA mini tour December 2014


ĐORNATA / KRIK DISNEYLANDA balkan tour December 2014

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Totalni Promašaj / AK 47 / Nuclear Altar / No Limits 22.11.2014., AKC Medika, Zagreb



I get some divided comments about this gig from people who were there, I wasn't, unfortunately so I can't tell for myself.. I don't know...
photos (click on them for bigger size, they are great, btw, respect to the photographer) and one video are from Subsite and other videos are from this you tube channel.. enjoy!.. 
this is a small comfort for all of us who wasn't there..

P.S. - I wanted to post here more videos, but it is obviously, blogger doesn't let me or whatever, so for more live shootings from this gig visit above mentioned channels.. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hrana, a ne oružje! 22.11.2014. Subota, 13h, Zagreb (Glavni kolodvor)

22.11.2014. Subota, 13h - Zagreb - Glavni kolodvor- besplatni topli vegan obrok za sve

'Food not bombs'' iliti Kolektiv 'Hrana, a ne oružje' nastao je 1980. u Cambridgeu, Massachusetts kao anti-nuklearni pokret i danas je to jedan od najbrže rastućih pokreta u svijetu. Aktivisti kolektiva HNO (Hrana, a ne oružje) danas diljem svijeta organiziraju akcije dijeljenja hrane, kao protest protiv militarizma, siromaštva, policijske represije, diskriminacije beskućnika, kapitalizma te općenito, sistema represije.

Kolektiv 'Hrana, a ne oružje' postoji u Hrvatskoj i akcije su održavane u više gradova. To je direktna akcija na ulicama i jedan od konkretnih načina aktiviranja u svojoj društvenoj zajednici.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

SELFTITLED #5 fanzine

okay, I'm putting off this for a way too long anyway, and even when you know that this is, the most likely the best 'zine here lately, at least in my modest opinion than there's no excuses for delaying..
this is actually 5th issue of Selftitled 'zine but 1st with just one of the authors (they were two in previous numbers) and released after a long time since the last one.. it comes out in July this year on A4 format with 32 pages done in classic black/white cut & paste style.. from content there are author's columns (the best part of the 'zine), interviews with Bosonogo Djetinjstvo and The Truth, then Dishumanity and Leechfeast tour reports on which the author was driver so they're interesting to read and to observe the whole thing about touring from this perspective and the text from This Is Our Job blog which is published here also for, as the author says, bringing back the politics in the Balkan zines..
I don't know, this 'zine somehow works just fine with me, we obviously share some similar or the same thoughts about the scene, social networking, some bands on tours, etc. the only objection is on representation of more or less the same bands as in every other domestic 'zine at the moment but I already discussed it with L who stand behind this 'zine and he says that he started to collect the materials before some other 'zines came out and that  this is coincidence, even later he throw out some materials because the same thing.. but after some short thoughts by my side I can understand that and actually realize how scene here is bad, simply, there are only few bands that are really active, things go around mostly the same people and all this is unavoidable as a result.. from other texts/columns I will single out one about all Croatian 'zines which came out in last year or two, it's a good way to spread the word about this little uprising of 'zines here.. in the end, one more important thing, it's written on English so if you're from abroad and if you want read some interesting thoughts about the scene and some other things here, be sure not to miss it..
all in all, this is really good 'zine and I'm sure you won't regret if you get yourself a copy and read it.. the price is on donation or trade, but if you choose donation be aware that the 'zine is not so small and postage is pretty expensive here..


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

upcoming gig in Požega, Croatia

No Name, legendary punk rock band from Požega are celebrating 20 years of existence.. as support also two legendary bands Loš Primjer and K.D.P... if you have chance to be on this interesting event be sure not to miss it, 'cause I'm sure that the good fun is guaranteed..

when?...............29.11.2014., Saturday
where?..............Tom klub, Požega
who?.................NO NAME punk, Pž
                         LOŠ PRIMJER melodic punk metal, Pž
                         K.D.P. punk rock Sl. Š.
entrance?...........10 kn

Monday, November 10, 2014

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

so, it's gig of the year, definitely.. and I won't go, šmrc, 'cause I'm working late shift. well fck!.. I already mentioned this gig here, so I won't make it any longer this time, just some usually info;

when?.................22.11.2014., Saturday
where?................AKC Medika, Zagreb
who?...................TOTALNI PROMAŠAJ hc punk, Srb
                           AK-47 @ crust punk, Cro
                           NUCLEAR ALTAR d-beat metal, Cro
                           NO LIMITS hc punk, Slo
entrance?.............30/40 kn

Saturday, November 8, 2014

upcoming gig in Rijeka, Croatia

and yes, two days before Čakovec the same line up in Rijeka.. it's, btw, the 1st gig in Podrum since June this year..

when?....................14.11.2014., Friday
where?...................Podrum, Rijeka
who?......................LANDVERRAAD hc punk, Nl
                              STRAFPLANET neocrust, Hun
                              RIVERS RUN DRY hc pv, Aus
entrance?................25 kn

Thursday, November 6, 2014

upcoming gig in Čakovec, Croatia

one more gig in Čakovec, which slowly but for sure begins to be unavoidable city for foreign bands that are on tour and that's pretty much great, I mean, we don't have to go in 70 km away Zagreb for every single gig.. so let's see what this one is about...

when?................16.11.2014., Sunday
where?...............Prostor, Čakovec
who?..................LANDVERRAAD hc punk, Nl
                          RIVERS RUN DRY neocrust, Hun
                          STRAFPLANET hc pv, Aus
entrance?...........20 kn

VISIONS OF WAR November 2014 USA Tour

12. NYC @ Acheron
13. Boston @ Machine
14. Philly @ The Farm
15. Pittsburgh @ The Shop
16. Baltimore @Dishaus
17. Richmond @Strange Matter
18. Seattle @Highline
19. Portland @The Know with Lost Tribe + 2 more
20. Eugene Oregon @Wandering Goat
21. San Francisco Thee Parkside
22. L.A. @Baldwin Park American Legion Post
23. San Diego @ The Yard / Stronghold
24. Tijuana Mexico @ La Prisión Bar
25. Fresno @ China Town Youth center
26. Oakland @ Eli's
27. Arcata (CA) @ the Big Tree
28. Portland @ Black Water
29. Vancouver @ the Black Lab

Thursday, October 30, 2014

upcoming gig in Čakovec, Croatia

when?......................7.11.2014., Friday
where?......................Prostor, Čakovec 
                                                   who?..............SLANDER hc punk, Ita 
                                                                         AFONIA grind pv, Rus
                                                                         EXTREME SMOKE 57 grind noisecore, Slo
                                                                         BLACKMAIL d beat crust grind, Hun
                                                                         ILL GHIACCIO hc punk pv, Ita
                                                    entrance?................30 kn

"club "PROSTOR" - Centar za Mlade Čakovec (CeZam) i Mentalna Smrt predstavljaju BAL ČUDOVIŠTA:

EXTREME SMOKE 57 - grind/noisecore (SLO)

Pitate se tko je prodao scenu? E pa Extreme Smoke nisu! Od kraja 80-ih, više il manje aktivno, deru iskreni, prvljavi i sirovi grindcore. Baš onakav kakvog volimo. Jedni od rijetkih preostalih iskrenih branitelja grindcorea dolaze nam u Čakovec…prvi slovenski grind bend se ne propušta!


AFONIA - grind/powerviolence (RUS)

Ivan mrzi ljude, ali dolazi u Čakovec! Grindcore/powerviolence trio iz Rusije se na svojoj europskoj turneji zaustavlja i kod nas. Brzina, deranje, vrištanje, krv, znoj i votka…kaj vam još treba.


BLACKMAIL - dbeat/crust/grind (HUN)

Članovi legendarnog Human Errora u novom bendu. Ime se promijenilo, ali stilski se i dalje radi o žestokom i nabrijanom d-beat/crustu koji bude zadovoljil i ono najsmrdljivije krastersko u vama.


SLANDER - hardcore/punk (ITA)

Jedini od pripadnika bogate suvremene talijanske hardcore/punk scene. Nabrijani riffovi, močan vokal i tupa tupa na bubnju…zapamtite circle pit ide suprotno od kazaljke na satu. Do sad izdali jedan EP, a povodom novog albuma The Rush na 2. EU turneju dolaze sa Il Ghiaccio.


ILL GHIACCIO - hardcore/punk/powerviolence (ITA)

Još jedni od mlađih pripadnika talijanske hc škole. Bubnjar iz La Prospettive koje smo nedavno gledali u Prostoru. Zvukom malo zajebaniji od Slandera, osjeti se i pokoji powerviolence utjecaj, ali na kraju krajeva I dalje vraški dobar hardcore/punk.


Upad :
Min. donacija 30kn - pomognite nam da bendove posaljemo doma :)

Start : 21.30h
Kraj : nikad

Članske iskaznice podignite BESPLATNO na upadu"