Wednesday, April 27, 2016

DISBAJA - Mindless Toys (Nonsense cover)

just a lifeless, broken toys
life is pointless - have no choice,
break the silence - use your voice,
bloody nonsense - have no choice

fucking mindless
fucking toys

THE TRUTH &/ UGLY FUCKS on tour April/May 2016

             28.04. Koper (Slo)

             29.04. Milano (I)

             30.04. Firenze (I)

             01.05. Padova (I)

             02.05. Rijeka (Cro)

            THE TRUTH 

            UGLY FUCKS

Thursday, April 21, 2016

FIGHT BACK - Demo (2016)

at the beginning there were some rumors that they'll be playing just that one gig in Zagreb, then they confirmed few more gigs and the final evidence that they are serious with this reunion is here.. Fight Back recorded new demo few days ago which will be soon published in physical format, still not sure which, like cd or tape, we will see..
while this demo is recorded with old line up + Kktz as a guest vocal on "A Look at Tomorrow", recently Dena (one of the vocals) left the band and now they continue without him and Gera (guitar) will do some vocals from now on..
so if you're interested how would the old hits of this band sound recorded in studio that's your chance.. however, it sounds interesting, believe me.. and for more info about physical release stay tuned..

Saturday, April 9, 2016

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

when?......................15.04.2016., Friday
where?.....................Klaonica squat, Zagreb
who?........................KRLJA grindcore, Sb/Zg
                               OTROV metal hc, Ši
                               DISBAJA raw hc, Zg/Pž
                               U.B.T. raw hc, Zg
entrance?................20 kn

Friday, April 8, 2016

U.B.T. (Unhindered By Talent) - No Studio Sessions

so, my friend has a band and few days ago they published rehearsal demo named No Studio Sessions on bandcamp.. some pretty serious fcked up (and I mean it in the most positive way) 80's influenced raw hardcore with influences from I would say scandinavian, british and ex-yu bands from that time, maybe the band name itself could bring some picture to some of you what's here all about.. 7 songs in uncompromising raw style with lyrics mostly about fcked up world and reality we live in and some about false values of individuals on hc punk scene.. for now this is only available on bandcamp but in next few days probably there will be released some tapes.. also they will play their 1st gig in Klaonica squat on 15th April..

DISBAJA live @ Gromka, Ljubljana 20.03.2016. - video

it seems that Disbaja machine rolls pretty serious and don't show any intention to stop and this is great because we talk about, most likely, my favorite (or at least, 2nd favorite, hehe..) band at the moment.. this video is taken at their gig from last month when they were playing with Visions of War and Pakt.. this time with a new vocalist Mitja (Krlja, Seppuku) who fit into just well.. if you'll like what you see/hear in this footage don't miss them live somewhere if you'll have opportunity because it's a thousand time better and mightier experience, trust me..
beside some standard gigs in nearest future they will play on few festivals this summer and also they are preparing an euro tour in 2nd half of this month with Krlja..
enjoy the noise!..

12th Anarchist Bookfair in Zagreb (April 8th to April 10th, 2016)

The Twelfth Anarchist Bookfair in Zagreb will take place onApril 8th to April 10th, 2016.
Anarchist Bookfair in Zagreb (ASK - Anarhisticki sajam knjiga) is annual anarchist event and first eleven bookfairs went well, and we hope to bring in more and more people every year as participants, publishers, groups, projects - whoever is interested in what the bookfair has to offer.
For discussion part everything is open, as every year, so all suggestions, ideas, etc are welcome, as well as texts that you find interesting for further debate.
ASK takes place in Zagreb every spring, as a local resource for anarchist and libertarian books and other publications. We also aim to open discussion on subjects that are important for the anarchist movement, or for our local community.

For more information:

Friday, March 11, 2016

AGRO CRUST VII festival 2016

"Hi comrades and friends!
This year we wanna start early to move our asses up to prepare the AGRO-CRUST VII d.i.y. anticivilisation festival/meeting/camp July 14th,15th,16th,17th, 2016 (somewhere at the campside between Girona and Barcelona, Katalonia, X-pain).
Principly there won't have a lot of changes of the whole (A)political-cultural event Agro-Crust
nor in other aspects, how you can see in the title. Another opportunity to live an unforgettable
moment together to mix up our convictions, creativities and energies to change the direction
of the world like we think and feel up to the total liberation.
We ask to everyone next to our ideas, especially the bands to communicate us as soon
as possible their intentions to play at the festival this summer. There were some bands
who asked us the last year yet to play this year. We're also looking for collectives/individuals
who want to take part with their activities like speachs, expositions, workshops, cooking food
or sound equipment...
Now we are open for your proposals!
Like every year we call all comrades to be animated to take part in the preparations with
their ideas, hands and activities.


Soon we'll call out an assambly for the interested comrades.
Thanx for spreading the info in your local scene, fanzine, blog, etc.
(no facebook, twitter, oficial websites, or another bullshit!) or translate it
to other languages!


PS: About past versions of Agro-Crust you can find + info at the blog:"

Friday, March 4, 2016


uff, not really active here lately.. I don't have some extra will for internet related things, everything is boring and somehow dead.. currently I'm more into listening music from some old tapes, again reading a lot, watch some tv series (fck it, I become a die hard Walking Dead fan, hehe..), can't wait some nicer weather to finally jump on bike, make some rides and drink all the beers from local stores..

when it's about the music/bands/gigs related stuff there are some good news for the rest of this year.. and that are:
Visions of War will go on tour in 2nd half of March, among others they will have gigs in Zagreb and Ljubljana..
after their reunion gig in Zagreb when there still wasn't any plans about the future actions Fight Back are continuing with gigs and will play few of them during the year..
one more legendary band from 90's era, Pizda Materna will play few gigs, hope I will catch them up somewhere.. I must, actually 'cause I won't never forgive myself if I miss this..
Torso, amazing d beat punk sxe band which literally blew me away on their last gig in Zagreb two years ago are coming in Europe again, Zagreb as well..
Goldy, who stands behind Neanderthal Stench distro is bringing his No Sanctuary festival in Rijeka this year and many great bands like Agathocles, Deviated Instinct and my favorites this time - Misantropic from Sweden, oh how I love this band for already a long time, but never thought I'll be able to see them live but now they are coming in Croatia, just great..
then, on this year's Monteparadiso fest will be playing mighty Extinction of Mankind, interesting thing is that they played at Monteparadiso back then in 2004 or somewhere around that, when it was my first time I was on this festival..besides them, there will be also few interesting bands like Crude SS, Pizda Materna and Extreme Smoke 57, etc.
so, as you can see pretty interesting year is in front of us.. I'll definitely miss half of those because of fckd up working time but will do my best to attend at least some of them..

okay, enough from me for now, maybe some new posts will appear here in next few days and maybe not, who the hell knows that.. drink beers, be happy and enjoy!..

P.S. - current listening: Propagandhi - How to Clean Everything, fck me, right!?.. hehe..

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

few upcoming gigs..

when?..........19.02.2016., Friday
where?.........AKC Medika, Zagreb
who?............MASAKRIST grind crust, Cro
                    KUGA thrash metal, Ser
                    CHAINS OF SUFFERING metal, Cro
                    STIM metal, Cro
entrance?.....30 kn

when?..........20.02.2016., Saturday
where? Gromka, Ljubljana
who?............ANTI SLAUGHTER crust, Slo
                    PLEKSUS punk, Slo
                    AGUA ARDIENTE hc punk, Slo
entrance?......4 euros

when?..........19.02.2016., Friday
where?.........Skwhat, Sisak
who?............LEFT TO STARVE grind crust, Ka
                    UGLY FUCKS hc punk, Zg
                    RULES hc punk, Ka/Zg
                    LYON SONNY grind, Ka

when?.........20.02.2016, Saturday
where?........Ex Mulj, Duga Resa
who?...........THE SEEKER pv, It
                   MALIŠA BAHAT screamo, Cro
                   RULES hc punk, Cro
entrance?....20 kn


when?.......,.26.02.2016., Friday
where?.........Klaonica squat, Zagreb
who?............EAGLEHASLANDED modern hc, Ser
                    MALIŠA BAHAT screamo, Cro
                    RULES hc punk, Cro
                    LEFT TO STARVE grind crust, Cro
entrance?......25 kn

when?.........27.02.2016., Saturday
where?........AKC Nigdjezemska, Zadar
who?...........EAGLEHASLANDED modern hc screamo, Ser
                   MALIŠA BAHAT screamo, Cro

when?..........05.03.2016., Saturday
where?.........AKC Medika, Zagreb
who?............ABERGAZ punk, Zg
                    DISBAJA raw hc crust, Zg
                    ACCIDENT hc punk, Zg
                    AKROMATOPSIJA crust, grind, Zg
entrance?......25 kn

Friday, February 5, 2016

DISHOPE - Peace is More Then the Lack of War review on Crust Demos

Klaonica squat birthday party 13.02.2016

GUTTERSKULL - Crawling in Disgust CD out now!..

Gutterskull now also as pro CD on Jesboligakurac Records limited to 50 copies.. 3 euros + shipping..

VISIONS OF WAR euro tour March 2016

-fri. 18th PRAHA , Czechia @ Klub 007 with Fuck The Facts,Wojzech ,...
-sat. 19th VIENNA , Austria @ EKH
-sun. 20th LUBLJANA , Slovenia @ CLUB GROMKA , AKC METELKOVA Mesto
-mon. 21st ZAGREB , Croatia @ AKC ATTACK !
-tue. 22nd Koper / Ilirska Bistrica , confirmed more info later
-wed. 23nd Bologna , @ XM24 with Cancer Spreading , Culto Del Cargo
-thu. 24th Roma ?
-fri. 25th Milano ?
-sat. 26th BREMGARTEN , Switserland @ KUZEB ( KuZeb - festival '16)
-sun. 27th Freiburg , Germany @ KTS with TRIGGER , The Gentle art Of Chockin'

DOOM / FIGHT BACK / KRLJA / DISBAJA live @ Akc Medika, Zagreb 8.01.2016

..a lot of beers..
..many people..
..some folks who only come out from their caves for such events..
..few more beers..
..Disbaja, incredibly great band, really, I have no words..
..chaos in my head caused by beers..
..Fight Back kills..
..blood, sweat..
..violent dancing..
..surprisingly (!?) good Doom..
..alcoholic coma..
..getting lost..
..bus station..
..dry sandwiches..
..bijeli boro..
..ah, the memories on some old times..