Friday, February 5, 2016

DISHOPE - Peace is More Then the Lack of War review on Crust Demos

Klaonica squat birthday party 13.02.2016

GUTTERSKULL - Crawling in Disgust CD out now!..

Gutterskull now also as pro CD on Jesboligakurac Records limited to 50 copies.. 3 euros + shipping..

VISIONS OF WAR euro tour March 2016

-fri. 18th PRAHA , Czechia @ Klub 007 with Fuck The Facts,Wojzech ,...
-sat. 19th VIENNA , Austria @ EKH
-sun. 20th LUBLJANA , Slovenia @ CLUB GROMKA , AKC METELKOVA Mesto
-mon. 21st ZAGREB , Croatia @ AKC ATTACK !
-tue. 22nd Koper / Ilirska Bistrica , confirmed more info later
-wed. 23nd Bologna , @ XM24 with Cancer Spreading , Culto Del Cargo
-thu. 24th Roma ?
-fri. 25th Milano ?
-sat. 26th BREMGARTEN , Switserland @ KUZEB ( KuZeb - festival '16)
-sun. 27th Freiburg , Germany @ KTS with TRIGGER , The Gentle art Of Chockin'

DOOM / FIGHT BACK / KRLJA / DISBAJA live @ Akc Medika, Zagreb 8.01.2016

..a lot of beers..
..many people..
..some folks who only come out from their caves for such events..
..few more beers..
..Disbaja, incredibly great band, really, I have no words..
..chaos in my head caused by beers..
..Fight Back kills..
..blood, sweat..
..violent dancing..
..surprisingly (!?) good Doom..
..alcoholic coma..
..getting lost..
..bus station..
..dry sandwiches..
..bijeli boro..
..ah, the memories on some old times..

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

gigs, gigs, gigs..

when?...........08.01.2016., Friday
where?..........AKC Medika, Zagreb
who?.............DOOM crust punk, UK
                     FIGHT BACK hardcore crust, Pž
                     KRLJA grindcore, Zg
                     DISBAJA raw d beat punk, Zg

when?..............09.01.2016. Saturday
where? Gromka, Ljubljana
who?................DOOM crust punk, UK
                        ĐORNATA hc punk crust, Slo
                        H. H. BODY sludge crust black metal, Slo
entrance?.........9 euros

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

DISBAJA - Realm of Absurd EP (2015)

yes, after their rehearsal demo Disbaja now have first studio recordings.. definitely the band worth to checking out and listening to.. you'll also be able to see them live soon in Zagreb with Doom and Fight Back in January, as well in Ljubljana with Visions of War in March..

Monday, December 21, 2015

..current playlist..

HELLBACK playin' covers live

two cover songs by Hellback played at their October gig in Našice.. one is from probably the most legendary hc crust punk band ever and the other is from one Serbian metal band for which I must admit didn't hear never before and song is more in Loš Primjer's style (another band from Požega) if you know what I mean, but it's badass and i like it.. check it for yourself..


not so long ago I found this interesting text.. it's about, as its title says a personal view on the Slovenian 'zine scene from the author of few 'zines like Pssst..., Potopis Kože, etc.
I consider it quite interesting for reading so if you're at least little into the 'zines give it a try here:


when?........25.12.2015., Friday
where? Gromka, Ljubljana
who?..........A. PROPAGANDA @ street punk, Slo
                  K. DISNEYLANDA punk, Slo
                  GRABLE punk, Slo
entrance?....5 euros

when?.........26.12.2015., Saturday
where? Monteparadiso, Pula
who?..........A. PROPAGANDA @ street punk, Slo
                  K. DISNEYLANDA punk, Slo

Friday, December 11, 2015

PANKEA #3 fanzine

newest, but already old number of this 'zine from Rijeka, I mean old because it's published at the beginning of the year, March or something like that but to me it's actually still fresh and also I'm sure it's still available from the authors or some distro.. this time I will not make it any longer than it's necessary, everything I say for first two issues applies to this one also, it means again you can read a ton of material like columns (of course, the best part of the 'zine), interview with Hoc (guy who was or still is in bands like Desinence Mortification, Bolesno Grinje, Anti Otpad...), story by few people which left Croatia and start living abroad (that's pretty actual theme here), then Ljubiša Samardžić / Bastinados tour report, 'zine and records reviews, etc.. so as you see it's some standard content of Pankea which has already, with those 3 numbers achieved some recognizable style and I really do hope that we'll be able to read new number soon..
language is Croatian, all together 40 pages in cut'n'paste style.. and remarkable thing, considering it's size is that 'zine is free, of course donations are welcome..

-contact: neumijko [at]
              antipank84 [at]

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

upcoming gig in Novi Marof, Croatia

                                          when?...........12.12.2015., Saturday
                                          where?..........Stara škola, Novi Marof
                                          who?............BOSONOGO DJETINJSTVO d beat punk stoner, Zd
                                                              MODERN DELUSION post punk, Zg
                                                              NEON LIES darkwave electronic, Zg
                                         entrance?.......20 kn

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

when?.........06.12.2015., Sunday
where?........AKC Medika, Zagreb
who?...........RIVERS RUN DRY neo crust, Hun
                   STRAFPLANET hc punk pv, Aus
                   ARSTA crust metal, Cro
                   NAMET crust metal, Cro
entrance?.....25 kn

Klaonica squat crew needs some things..

"Evo mali popis stvari koje nam trebaju i za koje nam možeš pomoći da ih nabavimo kako bi kotačići ovog stroja bolje i lakše funkcionirali.

- stari akumulatori - bilo bi super da nisu kompletno mrtvi :)
- police - bilokakvog tipa koje su nam potrebne za freeshop te infoshop
- drva - za ogrijev
- alati - ručni električni svemirski kineski svakakvi
- madraci - koji su u ok stanju
- boja - za zidove, beton, drvo, metal ...
- stol za stolni nogomet:)
- auto dijelovi - od kojih bismo radili instalacije

Također nećemo zamjeriti ako proslijedite ovaj popis svojim poznanicima ili nekome tko bi mogao uletiti.

Reciklaonica kolektiv"