Saturday, July 22, 2017

NO SANCTUARY festival 27.-29.07.2017.

16:00 Doors open
23:00 HYENA
02:00 WILT

18:00 Doors open
04:00 MESSA

18:00 Doors open
04:00 OKUS

Presale is closed some days ago, but there is NO LIMIT at the doors. Everyone still can catch their tickets at the doors.

Weekend Ticket (3 days) // 30 Euro
2 Day Ticket // 25 Euro
1 Day Ticket // 20 Euro

Thursday, July 13, 2017

upcoming gigs in Ljubljana, Slovenia

while other punks are on summer breaks R.A.F.A.L. crew don't show any intentions to stop doing great gigs during this month.. that's definitely positive, because it's great when you are able to go on "ordinary" gig during this summer madness when everyone are on some festivals or somewhere on the coast.. here are 3 gigs really worthy to visit Ljubljana in next few weeks if you can..

Thursday, July 6, 2017

HIBERNATION mini tour July 2017

26.07. - Karditsa, Greece

27.07. - Sofia, Bulgaria

28.07. - Rijeka, Croatia

30.07. - Vergina, Greece

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

LEBENDEN TOTEN live @ Gromka, Ljubljana 26.06.2017. - video

aaarghh!!.. 35 min of pure noise punk destruction.. prepare your ears, brain and nerves and play it fckn loud!.. masive thanx goes again to rafal crew which are recording all their gigs lately and give to all of us who wasn't there an opportunity to see and feel at least little bit of atmosphere.. there's also video of Đornata who were playing that night as local support and were awesome as well so check it out..

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

upcoming gig in Novi Marof, Croatia

when?..........17.07.2017., Monday
where?.........Stara škola, N. Marof
who?............EAGLEHASLANDED screamo emo violence, Ser
                    MALIŠA BAHAT screamo hc, Cro
                    RADOST-STRADANJE hc punk, Ser
entrance?.....20 kn

"Na ovaj vrući ljetni ponedjeljak, u sklopu svoje europske turneje, u goste nam dolaze prijatelji iz Srbije, direktno iz Županje sa SAWA festa, u pohodu na zapadnu Europu i Fluff Fest, uz podršku lokalnih screamo snaga:

EAGLEHASLANDED (St. Petersburg / Beograd)

Dobro nam poznati street screamo trojac na još jednoj u nizu europskih turneja. Karakterizira ih unikatan intenzivan emoviolence zvuk s neocrust elementima, genijalno sročenim riffovima i ludim 8-bit introima. Ninja kornjače, ukleta predgrađa, pizza i video game soundtrackovi.


Novi bend s članovima Eaglehaslanded i Wrong Way Kids ekipe na svojoj prvoj europskoj turneji. Mračni, brzi i nadrkani hardcore punk s vrištećim vokalom punim gnjeva i depresije, a ne srame se ni screamo utjecaja i blastbeatova.

MALIŠA BAHAT (Koprivnica / Varaždin)

Zna se da Eaglehaslanded gig u Hrvatskoj ne prolazi bez nas... Sanjin, Žmer, Crni i Geč. Melankolično-agresivni screamo, balans patnje i mržnje.

Upad: minimalna donacija 20 kuna
Vrata: 20:00
Početak: 20:30

*** S obzirom da je radni dan, koncert počinje na vrijeme jer moramo biti gotovi do 23:00, pa budite točni. ***


Monday, June 26, 2017

D-SAGAWA live @ Gross Outlet, Alston, Massachusetts 11.03.2016 - video

I like when in the sea of similar and sometimes boring d-beat bands I found such gem as this one is.. D-Sagawa are d-beat crust band from Boston, Massachusetts, don't know much about them except they have great demo "I Want to Die Suffering" released in 2016, also on their bandcamp you can listen a new single from upcoming release which also sound great..
even on demo they sound something darker, maybe I'm insane but I swear I hear some black metal influences there, but on few live videos that I found on youtube they deliver pure d-beat, straight into your face and heavy as hell.. just when I thought that perfect d-beat band doesn't exist I found this, well maybe...
also found one nice review and could't agree more with it hehe, go read it here:

Monday, June 19, 2017

BUKA I OTPOR festival 6. - 8. July 2017, Zagreb

Petak/Friday 7.7.
20.00 – 20.30 Gemišt
20.45. – 21.30 Vohees
21.45 – 22.30 Negative slug
22.30 – 23.15 Bednja
23.30 – 0.15 Pakt
0.30 – 1.00 Left to starve
1.15 – 1.45 Human host body

Subota/Saturday 8.7.
20.00 – 20.30 Vepar
21.00 – 21.30 Aligrindtor
21.45 – 22.15 Proslov
22.30 – 23.15 Mutabo
23.30 – 0.15 Đornata
0.30 – 1.15 Bezdan
1.30 – 02.00 Ekebuba

*we are open from thursday, but bands will play on friday/saturday
** possible changes will maybe occour as well

Monday, June 12, 2017

NUCLEAR ALTAR - Mankind in Decline (tape) [2017]

just few weeks after publishing Nuclear Altar's second demo online on bandcamp I got it by the post mail in its officially release form as a tape.. even though I listened this monster countless times before I got the tape, now the whole feeling is somehow better and complete..
demo was recorded in April this year and the best thing about it is the way it was recorded, apparently on just one microphone and at once and the whole material sounds in that good old primitive and raw way which is the thing that I miss the most on current recordings of nowadays hc punk and crust bands.. and when you see cover which is made in cut and paste style the whole thing just radiates real diy spirit..
there are all together 14 tracks (including some already heard on 1st demo and Dislike, Hellkrusher and U.B.R. covers) in something different sound as it was on "Blessed Ruins".. well I could easily write a book about bands from Požega changing their sound and members so that's the case here as well.. some time after releasing the 1st demo Neno left the band so Gera (previously on bass) take the drums and Nani (ex Fight Back, Hellback...) joined the band as a new vocalist, and Kktz this time sticks to guitar most of the time, doing just some back vocals in few tracks.. of course all that affected on a new sound, as well in speed (new drummer) and in something different guitar sound and riffs similar as in guitarist's other crust/black metal project Gutterskull and of course a new vocals which are now female.. but despite all that they managed to keep this darkness and filth which this band was recognizable for before and to deliver us some serious doze of great raw hardcore punk, still in d-beat style maybe with some more metal/doom influences, all played in old school way without any unnecessary complications.. so few songs are something slower as usual like Infernal Disappearance, Mankind in Decline, Slavonian Funeral, but there are also some real d-beat attacks which are my favorites like Constant Distruction, Legacies of Death, End of Illusion and Ghostblood Rituals.. from other I would like to point out the Dislike cover Victims of Progress which is great and was one of my favorites songs of Dislike.. all lyrics are on English written by Kktz in already familiar minimalistic but strong and powerful style and dark and full of despair tone, and are spited out through angry Nani's vocals..
in short, if you want to know how the apocalypse would sound from it's crushing and devastating beginning to slow and agonized end and death of mankind and nature - listen to this..
beside really nice artwork, xerox cover consists of band pictures and lyrics, all songs are recorded on both side of the tape, also you get sticker with it and the whole thing is released in only 80 pieces so hurry up if you wanna get yourself a copy.. it's available from Olden Sonorities distro for 20 kn / 3 euros..

just a quick review on CRUTCHES / DISBAJA gig @ AKC Attack, Medika(Zagreb)

yesterday I witnessed a gig of one of the best crust bands that ever had visited Zagreb.. by this "the best" I think by everything, by their attitude, performance, behaviour and of course musicaly .. such a complete band!.. I'm talking about Crutches, d-beat raw punk monsters from Sweden which finally decided to visit this part of eu-rope, as they said, hehe.. too bad one drunk fool ruined the gig and make them play, I think a waaay shorter as they wanted to and for what they were in the mood.. I don't know anymore, probably this is all punk, but this time it pisses me off.. anyhow, I'm glad I saw this amazing band.. just too bad people here don't realize what kind of band played here yesterday, I mean when Disbaja played there were more people inside the space and we can see them like every month.. I don't like give such comparisons etc. but Crutches are really in the top top of world's crust, they are level of bands such as for example Visions of War, D-Clone, Doom and the likes, I'am not kidding. okay just feel the urge to mention this here, some proper review of this event will follow when I get a computer because it's bloody hard for me to type and make posts with mobile phone.. cheers!..

Friday, June 9, 2017

upcoming gig in Ljubljana, Slovenia

when?........26.06.2017., Monday
where?.......Gromka, Ljubljana
who?..........LEBENDEN TOTEN d-beat noise, USA
                  ĐORNATA crust, Slo

Thursday, June 8, 2017

LEBENDEN TOTEN euro tour 2017

aaaa, Lebenden Toten, another one awesome band for which I thought I was never able too see live.. now when they will be playing in Europe they of course bypass Croatia (I don't have luck), in Ljubljana I can't go because of work so who will come with me in Vienna?..

Friday, May 12, 2017


well, it's official - my laptop is dead.. also summer is here, just around the corner and one with another it looks like it's time for a new break here.. just in time I was getting some inspiration and will to make some more interesting posts here and try to bring this blog on some higher level, at least when it is about "quality" of stuff published here and make new posts more freqwent.. well, I guess I don't have luck with technology..
anyhow, see you next Tuesday 16.05. in zagreb at Disbaja / Crutches gig, actually if there will be gig, because Medika is facing an eviction these days, and the deadline for moving out is just on Tuesday.. and here we will see/read us 2 or 3 months from now or yet when I save up some money to buy new laptop or pc..
until then stay well, have some cold beers and enjoy!..

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Izgubljeni Potencijali - Odjeci iz prošlosti fanzinske kulture - video

iako je od ove izložbe prošlo sad već skoro dvije godine, tek neki dan sam naišao na ovaj video intervju sa autorima nekadašnjih fanzina Warhead, Tko Je Tvoj Neprijatelj? i nešto recentnijeg Pajser Šmajsera i čini mi se skroz zanimljiv pa ga evo i ovdje..