Thursday, August 21, 2014

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

maybe it's to early, but I don't care.. after super great show of Hoću? Neću! in May, one more hc punk legends from Serbia are reuniting and will play few shows (!?), among others in Zagreb as well.. one more band on which many of hc punk kids from 90's/early 00's grew up on, band which, as legend says were playing gigs in front of 500 people, band which released record in Japan and band which surely was having a big influence on us all - Totalni Promašaj..
eh, and when you see who else will play with them, well maybe this could be even better then above mentioned gig.. so let's see what we have here;

when?.......................................................22.11.2014., Saturday
where?......................................................AKC Medika, Zagreb
who?.........................................................TOTALNI PROMAŠAJ hc punk, Srb
                                                                 AK-47 @ crust punk, Cro
                                                                 NUCLEAR ALTAR crust d-beat metal, Cro

if you are interested in how Totalni Promašaj are preparing and what you can expect be sure to check rehearsal footage on the following links:

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

5th ANTIFA FEST + 8th BALKAN ANARCHIST BOOKFAIR: Over the Walls of Nationalism 5.-6.09.2014., Mostar (B&H)

where?.............OKC Abrašević, Mostar
who?................Friday: RENOVATIO hip-hop, Albania
                                   CRUSTALNO JASNO crust, B&H
                                   POPIK punk rock, B&H
                                   PUNKART punk, B&H
                                   ZADNJI POPIS punk, B&H
                                    +exhibitions, public forum, lecture and discussions..
                    Saturday: TRPITAMIN pop rock,B&H
                                   HELLBACK hc punk crust, Cro
                                   VIŠE OD MILIMETRA post punk, Sr
                                   NO RULES garage r'n'r, B&H
entry?................6 KM for one day, 10 KM for two day ticket

"Mostar in many ways represent misery that is imposed on big part of Balkan through divisions created by nationalism, war and fight for power between political elites which were and still are working on destruction of all social networks in town that go beyond these artificial "differences". All this fits perfect to capitalist logic of "divide and rule", since it's used as tool for prevention of all social revolts and attempts to build up social connections that were violently broken.

Even today, almost 20 years after the war, Mostar doesn't live like one town. Still, town did see new ways of resistance to imposed normality of nationalism and capitalism.

At this years BAB we will discuss about anti-nationalist and anti-capitalist struggles, anarchist anti-war initiatives and solidarity actions, exchange ideas and strategies, and above all, show that our solidarity goes beyond all borders and divisions created by authority and state."

more about program of both events and all the other info check by clicking HERE or find them on facebook..

Monday, August 18, 2014

NONSENSE (dark hc punk, Požega) upcoming live shows

it's been a while since the last Nonsense gig.. I'm so sad 'cause won't be able to go on any of those two.. but however, it seems like they are back on track and it's time to sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of good old angry hc punk.. don't miss them if you have opportunity, because who the hell knows when will they play live again.. you can check them at following places:

what?.........................IN YOUR FACE 17
when?........................22.08.2014., Friday
where?.......................Ljetna pozornica, Nova Gradiška
who?..........................NONSENSE dark hc punk, Pž
                                  KREŠO I KISELE KIŠE punk rock, Ri
                                  PIŠTOLJ NA GUMENE METKE r'n'r, Si
                                  FLESH heavy metal, Zg
entrance?....................20 kn

what?.........................................VUF open air festival
when?........................................30.08.2014., Saturday
where?.......................................park šuma Adica, Vukovar
who?..........................................NONSENSE dark hc punk, Pž
                                                 DEAFNESS BY NOISE hc, Smb
                                                 UPSET hc, Zbk
                                                 HANGED death metal, Os
                                                 DŽEK FENJER r'n'r, Si
                                                 BOROVSKI ŠTAKORI punk, Vu

Thursday, August 14, 2014

HRANA, A NE ORUŽJE 16.08.2014., Novi Marof, 11:00h

                                       what?..................................Food Not Bombs action
                                       when?.................................16.08.2014., Saturday
                                       where?................................Novi Marof (ispred opčine)
                                       time?...................................from 11:00 AM

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


crew from Ljubljana is organizing a reunion party for squatters, activists and supporters which were involved in creating the story about autonomous zone Molotov which were active from 1999-2003.. this year is 11th anniversary of eviction.. below is a call up on Slovenian..    

        what?.......................................................AC MOLOTOV reunion party
        when?......................................................15.08.2014., Friday
        where?.....................................................AC Molotov's parking lot, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

"Prvi reunion skvoterjev, aktivistov in podpornikov, ki so na tak ali drugačen način sodelovali pri pisanju skvoterskih zgodb (1999-2003 and beyond) in še posebej najmočnejše epizode le-teh - Avtonomne cone Molotov.
Letos mineva enajst let od deložacije Avtonomne cone Molotov, v kateri so številni ljudje našli svoj prostor za življenje, za realizacijo želja in razvijanje lastnih potencialov. Izjemno produktivni prostor je v dveh letih obstoja izpeljal nešteto javnih dogodkov (kulturnih, političnih in socialnih) in akcij. Dokler se nanj - tudi zaradi odkritega političnega delovanja proti vstopu v NATO (kar je bila takrat agenda enotnega političnega razreda) - ni preko podizvajalcev spravila država, ki je na koncu odločilno vplivala na to, da se je prostor deložiral, stavba pa porušila. Tam danes, kako ironično, stoji privatno makedamsko parkirišče.
V petek, 15. avgusta 2014, se bomo vrnili na "kraj zločina", da se srečamo, spomnimo in podružimo. Organizacija srečanja je spontana, pri kateri velja polna samo-iniciativnost!

Potrebna je pijača, hrana, glasba, program, elektrika, led, stoli, mize in drugo kar vam pade na pamet!

KLJUČNO: vsak naj pove naprej vsem tistim, s katerimi ima stik od takrat in naj njih prosi, da naredijo isto. Nekateri smo v kontaktih, veliko pa nas je razpršenih vse naokoli. Naredimo vse, da se nas zbere čimveč! In seveda: dogodek ni omejen na ljudi, ki so bili takrat konkretno zraven, ampak je vabilo namenjeno tudi vsem, ki jih ta zgodba zanima oziroma so danes vpleteni v podobne.

AC MOLOTOV je mrtva, naj živi AC MOLOTOV!"

Thursday, August 7, 2014


"Zadruga Urbana (Urban Cooperative in English) embodies the idea of an urban-agrarian platform that aims to connect collectives and individuals in order to improve self-sufficiency through direct action. It is based on shared principles of horizontality, autonomy and self-organization. Our vision is to bring together individuals and collectives regardless of previous experience, in a non-hierarchical way, to promote autonomy in local food production and freer access to public land.

We are not satisfied with the current system of food production and therefore try to raise people’s awareness of options for producing their own food, consuming locally and being autonomous – all through collective gardening. Our venture enables individuals with no land of their own to produce food. It gives them a better overview of some of the possible ways to self-organize, coupled with sensitivity for their local environment. Furthermore we believe it is necessary for a collective movement to take that process into their own hands. Through our discussions and practices we address issues such as (de)institutionalization of gardening, taking back the land or traps of green capitalism. We are proposing some principles of conduct that can help us go beyond norms forced upon us from official structures. The main question of Zadruga Urbana is how to fight the given frames of living, working and organizing, as individuals but especially as an informal group of people in the field of gardening and self-sufficiency.

In fact we are a small group trying to establish alternative practices through direct action: we squat/collectivize abandoned land in the city, we share knowledge, tools, veggies and seeds, we organize solidarity actions, public kitchens, we try to maintain a seed library, exchange/free donation markets with food, we screen documentaries. We always find something new to keep us busy. Regular lectures and talks on a range of topics such as permaculture and the institutionalization of gardening are the cornerstone of our activity. With produced food we also support benefits, public kitchens and open spaces around the city and are willing to share thoughts and experiences on the topic of claiming our right to the city. All of our events are free of charge for attendees. We do not do this regularly or by a certain schedule but as often as time permits.

Recently we have joined another initiative for a communal garden in the centre of Ljubljana for which the idea was brought up by two collectives and it is slowly becoming “more than just a garden”. Through sharing the space and through collective work people politicize themselves and that is what gives us motivation to keep on doing the most simple and basic thing we do best – gardening. It is accessible to everyone, especially with squatted land, it is a enjoyable pastime activity that can be (and for sure in our case also is) seen in a broader political context.

Everyone is welcome to participate in our gardens and network, to learn and share skills of producing our own food. The only thing we ask for is sharing some basic principles such as anticapitalism, antichauvinism, antifascism. Let’s take back the land!"

e-mail: zadruga.urbana[at]

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

drunk cooking/camping nature punks (18+)

did you ever take yourself, two friends even crazier then you are, a dog, sleeping bags and kettle for cooking and went to the nearest river to make some delicious beans and spend the night there.. well I did..
now you think, look this guy never wasn't on camping in nature before, okay I was camping a lot before but never on such crazy place (if you seen it you would say that we aren't all clear in the head)
in first, there was a plan to spend a night and cook something in the wood but as summer here isn't really a summer in last month and half, weather is all fckd up and there is wet ground in the woods so we choose a nearby river..
so that's why we spend last weekend on small sand beach by the local river surrounded with dry trees, high grass, wild underbrush and nettles so we even hardly break to it and get our legs full of burns and scratches.. once we found this small beach we settled our things, had a few beers, place our drinks in the river to stay cold, surprisingly noticed that there aren't mosquitoes at all, etc. we started to collecting the woods to make fire and again after few beers and vine we went cooking.. B was chopping vegetables and preparing all the ingredients, H was setting the kettle, I was making fire and playing a waiter and S, the dog was investigated and searching the area for eventual dangerous and beasts but mostly from lying position..
the bean stew turns out great, it was delicious and after we eat like 3 plates each we couldn't move so we fell down and only have enough strength to pass the canister with vine among us.. the rest of afternoon/evening we spent talking, listening to music, drinking and eating few more times.. when the dark fell it gets more and more interesting, we started to talk about beasts that possibly lives around us and just wait when we'll fall asleep like radioactive sheat-fish with giant mustaches, king-size cobras, scorpions and don't forget almighty pušikara (it's local mythological creature which lives still today and is retained mostly in the park but also sometimes in the wood or around the river, attacking by the night, it first drinks all of your alcohol and then, as it's name on Croatian says it suck your d*ck, you may think this is a good thing but noone will ever survive this sucking and I won't even mention what will happen before you die to your...well, okay, you realized 'till now..).. also some strange green plant was growing all around and sometimes we had this feel like it's growing right now, you know it was all over our firewood and even around my bike.. that reminds me of Scott Smith's book "The Ruins" which I read recently in which similar plant killed all characters.. when I told about that to my companions they shit themselves and wrapped up in sleeping bags and went sleeping.. they didn't realized what mistake they just made because most of the characters from the books was killed or infected while sleeping.. I made my decision that I won't fell asleep there already before so I spend the rest of the night by the fire listening to some music and drinking..
luckily for us none of all those beasts didn't attacked us during the night, despite some serious noises and movements from the bushes, so we awaited morning alive and all well.. we drink few more gemišt (white vine + mineral water, for all of you who don't know what this is), eat some more beans, clean the place up and slowly moving toward home..
after all it was one more nice little adventure, nothing can't beat good diner, drinks and staying in nature under the clear skies full of stars, of course in good company.. we all agreed that we have to do it again sometimes..

pictures are again taken with my shity Rakia phone camera, click on the pic for bigger size, maybe there will be more of them soon..

S awaits giant radioactive sheat-fish
parking lot for a bike in the sand

cookin' and smokin'
S with her jegeršmajser sunglasses and beers

early morning

Monday, July 21, 2014

DE VLOEK SQUAT info - in danger of eviction

De Vloek was squatted 12 years ago and has grown into an vital locale in the harbor of Scheveningen where many non-profit initiatives have been developed. De Vloek is home to the organic vegan restaurant “Water en Brood,” a concert hall “de Piratenbar”, many studios and workspaces, living space and rehearsal spaces for bands. Everything that happens in de Vloek has been started and maintained without subsidies and the terrain is self managed. Hundreds of people come every week to participate in the diverse activities at de Vloek.

City wants to evict De Vloek on January 5th, 2015

Today, July 2 2014, a process-server delivered a letter from the municipality to De Vloek free space. The letter states that we have to vacate the premises before January 5th, 2015. If the city gets its way, then one of the last squatted free spaces in The Hague will disappear.
The city already let us know in a letter that De Vloek has to move aside for a Top Sailing Center. Currently, this sailing center is located in the Nautical Center across from De Vloek. The Nautical Center, which has been built especially for sport sailing, was completed in 2006 but has been mostly vacant for years. Many other building in the area are also vacant. There is certainly enough room for sport sailing. More new construction is simply unnecessary, and our free space will most likely have to disappear to make room for more vacant buildings.
In the past weeks, we have gone twice to city hall to discuss the matter. We did not get much insight into the feasibility of the construction plans. It was also uncertain whether there would be enough interested users of the planned sailing center. After the first discussion, the municipality promised to discuss the planning, but this didn’t happen. A few days after the last discussion, we finally received a summary planning on half of an A4 piece of paper and a letter saying that we have to leave before January 5th, 2015.
Instead of seeing the intrinsic value of De Vloek, it was apparent in our discussion that the city is only interested in the money that the sale of the land will bring in. We believe that the city should focus on what is important to the people of The Hague, and what is good for the city. Besides room for sport sailing, there should also be room for a place such as De Vloek. De Vloek is an important place for thousands of people.
De Vloek wants to remain in its current place and is not planning to give up the fight. De Vloek is a lively and inspiring place that fits perfectly in the harbor. A new sailing center is just the latest prestigious real estate project and doesn’t add much to the area. For years, the city government of The Hague has been trying to turn the harbor of Scheveningen into a paradise for sailors and yuppies. Many businesses such as shipping wharves, which made the harbor what it was, have had to move aside for expensive apartments, office space and a Nautical Center where not a single Scheveninger can feel at home.

Therefore, we will organize different actions in the coming time to save De Vloek. We are calling on everyone to do this as well, and to participate in the actions. The city has been building for too long for the rich elite and doesn’t care about projects that have been realized from the bottom up. Instead of nurturing such initiatives, more and more free spaces are disappearing in The Hague. Fewer spaces for exciting social and cultural meeting places will cause The Hague to become more boring, and creative and active people will be driven out of the city. De Vloek is also one of the last places where people with little money can eat and go out.
De Vloek, where many non-profit initiatives have been able to develop, was squatted 12 years ago and has made its mark on the harbor of Scheveningen. De Vloek is home to the organic vegan restaurant “Water en Brood”, the concert hall “de Piratenbar”, many work spaces, studios, living spaces and rehearsal rooms for bands. Everything that happens in De Vloek has been started and kept running without subsidies, and the building is self managed. Hundreds of people come to activities at De Vloek every week. Alternative spaces such as this one should therefore be preserved.

De Vloek
Hellingweg 127
2583DZ ‘s-Gravenhage

TØRSÖ euro tour July 2014

yeah, I know it's a little bit late 'cause more then half of the tour is already over but if you have chance go see them on next few days, you won't regret.. saw them last night in Zagreb and, hey what a band,  they were just great!..

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mentalna Smrt #3 review on Helly Cherry

again thanks to Nenad from Helly Cherry webzine who wrote a nice review for Mentalna Smrt 'zine.. you can read it here:

Thursday, July 17, 2014

drunk bike punks

yeah bikes, there's some special bond between punks and bikes, probably since forever, so I guess  I'm not exception to this rule.. beside reading and books riding a bike is one of the rare things which makes me absolutely happy at the moment.. I'm not some professional, just ordinary drunk bike punk who like to discover new places and roads which actually surround me and I've never knew before that they exist.. and that's the most interesting part of it 'cause I live here for almost 30 years now and didn't know for some roads which are in radius of, like 20 km, or less in some cases,  from my home.. and yes riding a bike is definitely perfect way to explore such places..
this year, until now I was usually riding alone (like the lone ranger, hehe) 'cause my friends aren't much into the bikes and those who are were working, having girlfriends and all that things which normally folks does, and not having time for riding, but last two days Štakor joined me as a partner in crime and we started with little adventures..
1st day we just cycle around few nearby villages and examining beer quality in some local stores, just to get in shape.. and yesterday we went on some 22 km distant place called Ludbreški Vinogradi, it's actually a bunch of vineyards above city of Ludbreg.. it's really good route to go for late afternoon, not too long, with just perfect number of uphills and downhills and cool nature, only maybe the smell of pesticides ruins all the atmosphere but that's unavoidably around here.. we see all sorts of things while riding, like pretty girls in rubber boots coming out of car, people looking very nervous and in one moment people from every single house in village were mowing the lawn, also we were in huge megamarket with only one employee and air conditioning set to maximum but with no cold beers, etc.. on our back home we were having a real race with the storm, right behind us were flashes of lighting and raining but we menage to run away and only few rain drops catches us and makes us little wet but we are used to that already (okay, this last part of sentence just don't sound right, hehe)..
in short it was great trip for little recreation, thanks kume on beers and company..
here are also some pictures from some rides, from yesterday, same as
from some previous.. sorry for top quality photos taken with my mighty Rakia "some number" Classic 2.0 mega pixel phone camera, for bigger pictures just click on it - I do hope that it won't get you blind..
'till the next time, up the bike punks!..
in the woods of Drenovec
on the top of the hill above Drenovec

having a beer after hard uphill
in the depth of park in V. Toplice

son of a bitch or pasji skot how I call it on Croatian, it has more sense 
kum Š on the bridge

kum Š having trouble with uphill

yeah, selfie - I see this is a must, so i must be in trend

storm was chasing us

at the bus stop in Hrastovsko

at quarry in Ljubeščica - nature vs heavy machinery 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

SANCTUS IUDA live in Ciechanowiec, Poland 10.09.1995.

everyone of you who are up to this blog already knows that I fckng love those "blasts from the past", those little pieces of treasure and here is one more.. Sanctus Iuda (for years I was pretty certain that this is letter L in 2nd word of the band's name, blah...) were political hardcore crust band from Białystok, Poland active in 90's which was the golden age in Polish crusty punk scene with many great bands like Homomilitia, Silna Wola, Stradoom Terror, Enough, Infekcja, Amen, etc.
found it at this channel..

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

PIZDA MATERNA live @ Pieffe Factory, Gorizia (Italy) 22.10.2011. - video

okay, this is sick!.. Pizda Materna were Slovenian hardcore band active back in 90's and early 00's.. they are one of my favorites from that times.. this live recordings were taken 3 years ago when they made this reunion show as a part of 30 years anniversary of Warfare (punk band from Italy) after 6 years of not playing and after only 3 rehearsals.. I didn't know nothing about this reunion show, unfortunately, until few days ago when finding this footage at youtube on this channel..
okay that's it, press play and enjoy the video.. and why it's sick, well... seek for yourself..