Sunday, 24 September 2017

DISEASE euro tour October/November 2017

now this is what I call a tour.. Macedonian finest d-beaters are hitting the road once again and will conquer Europe in next two months.. they still need help for few dates so if you can help, contact them..

''Dis Nightmare Will Never End...'' European tour 2017

01.10.Skopje (MK) -CONFIRMED
02.10.Thessaloniki (Greece) – CONFIRMED
03.10.Sofia (Bulgaria) - CONFIRMED
04.10.Belgrade (Serbia) - TBC
05.10.Budapest (Hungary) - CONFIRMED
06.10.IdrijaLjubljana (Slovenia) - CONFIRMED
07.10.Bologna (Italy)-Need help!!!
08.10.Milano (Italy) @ COA T 28
10.10.Winterthur (Switzerland) - TBC
11.10.Zürich (Switzerland) – TBC.
12.10.Frankfurt (Germany) - CONFIRMED
13.10.Kortrijk (Belgium) @ The Pits - (CONFIRMED)
14.10. Gent(Belgium)-CONFIRMED
15.10. Liège (Belgium)-CONFIRMED
16.10.Eindhoven/Rotterdam (Netherlands) - Need help!
17.10.Amsterdam(Netherlands) - CONFIRMED
18.10. …and more drinking….
19.10.Groningen (Netherlands) @ Bambara
20.10.Bremen (Germany) @ G 18
21.10. Kiel (Germany) - CONFIRMED
22.10. …still drinking…
23.10.Copenhagen (Denmark) - TBC
24.10. Malmo - Need help???
25.10. Gothenburg, Linkoping, Norrkoping - Need help???
26.10. Oslo (Norway) @ Barrikaden
27.10.Orebro (Sweden) - Need help? 
28.10.Avrika (Sweden)-CONFIRMED
29.10. Umea (Sweden) - Confirmed
30.10...and some more drinking...
31.10.Lulea (Sweden) - CONFIRMED

01.11.Oulu (Finland)- CONFIRMED @Tukikohta
02.11.Kuopio (Finland) @ Ottopoika (Confirmed)
03.11.Tempere (Finland)-CONFIRMED
04.11.Turku (Finland) - CONFIRMED
05.11.Helsinki (Finland) @ Sir Oliver
06.11.Tallinn (Estonia) @ Ülase 
07.11.Riga (Latvia)-CONFIRMED
08.11.Vilnius (Lithuania) @ XI20 (confirmed)
10.11.Grodno (Belarus)-CONFIRMED
12.11.Torun (Poland)-CONFIRMED
13.11. Warsaw (Poland) @ Przychodnia Squat (confirmed)
14.11.Berlin (Germany) – CONFIRMED
15.11.Leipzig (Germany) - Need help!
16.11. ...and drinking...
17.11.Prague (Czech Rep.) - CONFIRMED
18.11.Brno (Czech Rep.)-CONFIRMED
19.11.Bratislava (Slovakia)-CONFIRMED
20.11.Vienna (Austria) – CONFIRMED
21.11. Postojna (Slovenia) – CONFIRMED
22.11.Zagreb (Croatia) - Need help!
23.11.Novi Sad (Serbia)-CONFIRMED

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