Sunday, 12 November 2017

SKINPIN / NUCLEAR ALTAR / ZAMAK live @ Tom Klub, Požega 10.11.2017. - video

one more interesting gig on which I intended to go but plans have failed this time.. I heard it was good concert and it's a shame I missed it but soon there will be chance to make things right, crew from Pž are preparing another one similar gig in December, more info about that one will be posted here in next few weeks..
until then, here are some videos from last Friday's gig, every band represented with one song so check it out.. vids are stolen from this channel..



Anonymous said...

pozdrav, kktz ovdje. bilo dobro da, btw zamak je obrada no faith od apatrida.

..crucified freedom.. said...

pozdrav.. fala na infu, nisam znao..
fora mi zamak na sporim djelovima kad matina gitara zvuči ko zgužvana kazeta, hehe.. kul..