Wednesday, 4 October 2017

reminder on tomorrow's gig in Novi Marof

so, it's look like tomorrow will be another one interesting and hopefully great night in Marof.. everything is ready and except previously announced bands as the last minute surprise there is confirmed one more, Deathwish, motor-charged punk from Wisconsin, USA who should have gig in Zagreb that day.. maybe not really band by my taste, but it will sure be interesting and fun to watch band from USA in Novi Martof..
besides them there will also play Otvoreni Prelom from Senta, Serbia which are on mini tour through Croatia, and after Marof they will play also in Pula and Kastav.. like "domestic" support there will be great Disbaja, raw punk crusties from Zagreb which in last few gigs experimented a lot with some more metal influences as it was usual before, so it will be also very interesting to hear.. and for the end also great band, 2nd time visiting Marof U.B.T. raw oldschool hardcore punk with members from Zagreb and Čakovec which are pretty active lately with live shows..
I'm really looking forward to this gig and hope to see some familiar faces there.. until tomorrow, stay well and cheers!.. pankčina..

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