Friday, 20 October 2017

video projection: "Odpadki Druge Generacije" documentary movie 27.10.2017. Novi Marof

another one event in the row in Novi Marof organised by friend of mine who is super active lately.. this time video projection of documentary film about the punk movement in Slovenia after disintegration of ex-Yugoslavia.. this movie already received a lot of attention all over the Balkans and there was similar projections all over the Slovenia and abroad, so now it's time for Novi Marof..
also one more interesting gig is in preparation two weeks from now in Marof, but more info about this one in next few days..

what? projection of documentary movie Odpadki Druge Generacije
when?.........27.10.2017., Friday
where?........Stara škola, Novi Marof

about the movie:
"Punk had to die so it could live.
After the independence of Slovenia it seemed that the story of Slovenian punk is finished. But every end is a new beginning. After 1991 rose a new, second generation of punks who still believe that another world is possible and necessary.
Active members of the underground: musicians, activists, squatters, music promoters and organizers tell us about punk ideology, culture, music, squatting movement, lust for freedom and political struggle under the flag of anarchism. First hand, forthright.
This is a document of independence, love for music and creativity. Reflection on the work of passion and of the world not driven by capital.

From the punks for the punks."

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