Thursday, 11 January 2018

SANCTUS IUDA reunion 2018

well, well... look at this one.. in the time when all those reunions of an old bands are already starting to look a little funny and in some cases you gotta ask yourself if all that have any sense and what the hell is actually all that about, is it just some trend, desperate try to earn a few bucks on gigs, merch and few new/reissued records counting on the old "glory" or they just want to show to younger bands how this was doing back then.. well, I'll left that on the consideration to hc punk philosophers, anyways I am always trying to convince myself that they just love to do what they do, maybe they want to experience all that today when equipment, studios, labels and all other stuff are more available and affordable as it was the case back then..
to be honest, in the sea (not only sea but ocean, hehe) of all that reunited bands I didn't care something special for most of them, except for Doom for example (well also for Wasserdicht, Nonsense, Pizda Materna, Hoču?Neću!, Fight Back, Totalni Promašaj and Hellback, but you don't know them, do you?!..) but few days ago when I found out that Sanctus Iuda will make reunion for few shows I've got pretty intrigued and I'm really looking forward to see/hear how it will looks and sound like.. they are, to me, definitely one of the dearest east-european bands and it will sure be interesting..

according to Sanctus Propaganda, great fresh webzine running by one of the members of SI which exist just few months if I got this well, they will play 3 gigs and that will be:

-161 FEST, 17 March, Warsaw along with some well-known Polish bands, incl. HERIDA PROFUNDA, EYE FOR AN EYE and more.

-ULTRA CHAOS PIKNIK, 29 June – July, incl. DOOM, BOOZE&GLORY, LA FRACTION and many more


also there is a plan to release two records with some old but remastered recordings: 

“Disco” 2LP/2CD on NIKT NIC NIE WIE to include all split EPs (with SARCASM, SHARPEVILLE, REGENERACION, DOG ON A ROPE), ABC tape, all covers recorded by the band, the techno/rave remix of the first LP done my Brillo from SARCASM and the demo for the never released 2nd LP. The CD version will also include the first Lp of the band, called Rząd-Korporacje-/wy/zysk.

“Requiem for Kawakami” 12” split with DISCLOSE on Czarny Kot Rec. SANCTUS IUDA delivers 6 tracks recorded live in Rostock, JAZ, 1997. DISCLOSE play 9 songs recorded in their rehearsal room in 1998. The release commemorates the beer trade between Kawakami from DISCLOSE and Wojtek from SANCTUS IUDA.

both records will apparently be available in March/April 2018..

there is an interesting story about the split with Disclose, as Wojtek of SI said:
"In 2014 an old Disclose DAT master tape in a garage. Kawakami sent him this tape in 1998 for a split release with a Polish band of Michal’s choice, that never happened. Michał instantly reminds himself a story I once told him how Kawakami and I used to trade beer by post (once we got fed up with trading records, of course), and he thought that it would be most appropriate to commemorate this higly illegal procedure of smuggling local beer by releasing a split 12”EP with SANCTUS IUDA. So here we go, expect “Requiem for Kawakami” soon. DISCLOSE delivers 9 tracks recorded in a reh room in 1997, and SANCTUS IUDA plays live from Rostock (Jaz Squat) 1997. Both recordings were remastered in Riot Studio. The cover shows the very first beer I got from Kawakami back in the days and I am sure he would approve of this idea. The record will be available at the SANCTUS IUDA reunion gigs, maybe post. Copies will go fast so make sure it’s on your radar. Pre-orders will get you a wee surprise as well. Raise a proper pint when you listen to this one! Cheers. And share pls."

anyhow, I'm really looking forward to all of that and I'm starting to ask for some vacation days on my work to visit Diy Hardcore Punk fest in Gdynia, heheh..

P.S. - be sure to check out above mentioned Sanctus Propaganda blog with bunch of news, interviews and reviews..

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