Sunday, 28 January 2018

PAKT euro tour April/May 2018 - NEED HELP!!

great d-beat noise punks Pakt are planing another one euro tour in April/May and they need your help.. if you are able to set up a show for them get in touch via: pakt.punx[at]gmail[dot]com
Hola, que tal? Our master is slowly getting ready so we are slowly looking for 2018 tour dates. We are looking for some nice ppl to help us with gigs we try to get in the end of april/beginning of may. This is how we imagined our road but we are open for any suggestions that may appear!

26.4. Bratislava/Vienna
27.4. Praga
28.4 Berlin
29.4 Flensburg/Kiel
30.4 Kopenhagen
1.5. mistery place/ neverland ?
2.5 Hamburg
3.5 Groningen
4.5 Nijmegen [DIY FEST confirmed]
5.5 all the way to Munich

So basically we have a date with cool guys n girls in Nijmegen. The rest of the tour is just a plan where we would like to party and make some noise.

Spread the word plzz and lets help Pakt to have their best time of this year.
Maybe we take some cool band with us, so your dissapoitment will not be that huge!

Thank you and your parents for giving you existance!!
See you around? Lets hope so!!

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