Sunday, 14 January 2018

DETESTO - songs for "O SOM DO ABISMO" vol.1 compilation

I get an e-mail from this pretty fresh d-beat crust band from Brazil already few months ago, but due my laziness and sometimes luck of time I didn't give it a proper try until yesterday, and at the end I'm glad I did 'cause it's about an very interesting band, as they said influenced by Swedish d-beat and 80's hardcore punk, but there are also visible strong classic Brazilian hc/d-beat influences like from unavoidable Besthoven and the likes.. it means classic mid tempo driven d-beat, some solo here and there, even with traces of melody, all completed with rough but somehow hoarse vocals and as we can see from the titles of songs with already usual for the genre topics.. I really like when in a bunch of boring modern metal/grind/post whatever bands from whom I get e-mails usually, there pops out something actually good as this one..
they offer us with 3 songs which are published on "O SOM DO ABISMO" vol​.​1 compilation of Brazilian hardcore punk bands released by Discördia records (Fofao / Besthoven's diy record label) in November 2017.. those 3 songs are available on their bandcamp for streaming and free download so check it out!..
they are also preparing a new EP which should be released in the 1st half of 2018, so beware..

and for the whole compilation released as CD-R try to contact Discördia Records at this e-mail address: discordiarecords[at]

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