Thursday, 17 February 2011


yes, I'm fuckn in love with this band, lately!!.. Last Legion Alive from Hellgium, you had an opportunity to get to know them better by reading the interview with them in some previous post here at blog..
their music is just perfect mix of some heavy as fuck mid-tempo parts and some fast crusty thrashing,  voKILL sounds like coming from dark depths of hell.. what do you need more!??

the news are, 1st, that their split LP with Hellstorm (also great crust band from Greece) is almost finished.. the LP will be pressed at the beginning of March and it should be out by end of the March.. and 2nd, and even better, they will hit the road and visit us again here at Balkans.. after their last year euro-tour when they were visited Croatia and Slovenia this year they will hit it even further to Serbia, B&H, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece.. the tour will be from September the 30th to October the 13th.. be sure to check the tour dates at their my space page, and don't miss them when they come in your town/country.. also there you can hear one song for the upcoming split 12"..

besides this euro-tour they will play on this years Play Fast Or Don't festival in Hradec Kralove, CZ, together with their countrymen Visions Of War and bunch of other great bands..

also, download their demo, and read better description then this my clumsy attempt at here..


Jurica said...

je ništ kolege 12.10 smo na last legion alive onda :)) To mi taman poklon za rođendan :D

..crucified freedom.. said...

naravno..inače jedva čekam ovo!..