Friday, 11 February 2011


band from Nova Scotia, Canada formed in 1991(!?) under the name Disabuse.. members were Drock - guitar and vox, Amanda - bass, Gerald - drums and Pete -guitar/vox.. but after some line up changes (actually, numerous changes of 2nd guitarist) and when they realized that there are many bands calling Disabuse all over the world they changed their name into Existench..

soon they released their first demo under that name The Cost Of Living, then few years later split 7" with The Chitz and legendary 7" Divisions.. after those releases they started to appear on bunch of split tapes, 7", CDs, some official ones and many bootlegs, also their songs shows up on bunch of compilations from all over the globe.. members of the band were active on some other projects and bands at the same time (like System Shit for example...).. Gerald, the drummer was also the editor of Guttural Response fanzine..
my first touch with Existench was when I listen their demo The Cost Of Living on tape, and first thought was: "what are those animals on vocals!?" and I remember that I like very much their drumming.. their mix of grindcore and crust was something new to me and it was most originally band in that time which I ever heard of, I think.. and this demo, actually remained their the best and favorite release for me all up to this days.. songs like Pointless, Directions, Divisions, Tolerance, Blinded and others just don't goes out of my head..
lyrics were also very good, intelligent and were the unavoidable to notice part of this band.. they singed about the things they were worried about, about awful business world which is part of every culture, about stupid people.. all in all very engaged themes said/sung on clever and direct way..
everyone who were listening to them knows what about I'm talking about and all you others who didn't heard of them, give a little bit of effort and try to find some download links for their releases (it's really easy job, 'cause there is a bunch of them on the net) and give yourself a pleasure with listening this old school gods..
I don't know exact time when they had stopped with work, but as the members says: "Existench never really broke out, just faded away!"

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