Tuesday, 1 March 2011


one more band from Požega, Croatia, active in '90s.. in short, raw hc punk on old fashioned balkan style with m/f vocals.. thanx to kktz on some info and on forwarding download link for their discography to me..
besides this CD-R I know that they released the demo "Vlast Stvara Mržnju" and they appeared on numerous compilations all over the globe, from which I would single out legendary "Bullshit Detector vol. 4"..

"anarcho punk in old Požega's style, formed in '92 in next line up: Edita - vox, Dinko - bass & vox, Kktz - guitar & vox, Želja - drums.. then the sound was mostly peace punk.. then line up changes in: Edita - vox, Kktz - vox, Gera - guitar, Dinko - bass, Robi drums and it comes to more hc and crust influences..
in the last line up Lolić from Našice changes Gera on guitar, also the sound is changing a little, but still remains real underground punk..
after that Dinko and Edita went to study and then live in Zagreb and the band stops with work..."

ANTITUDE - discography CD-R
"...this is ripped from CD-R released for Australian label Smell The Stench, published a way after the band stopped working, somewhere at the beginnings of '00s.. songs and its versions are scattered from all of  the band's stages, it means recordings from some rehearsals, live from Monte Paradiso fest '93.. something of those recordings we released back then in the '90s at our own, but here we have all that on one place..
all is very raw, but that's the way like old diy was.. about some studio demo there weren't any thoughts.."

the link is originally published at descargandorabia.blogspot and you can download it here


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