Tuesday, 8 February 2011

upcoming gig in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

concert in support of club Subart
the Subart crew in last half year was contributed significantly to the enrichment of the Kranj's alternative scene and the two series of the inspection visits, in December and January, didn't stop them.. despite sanctions the club is working on, a financially exhausted.. similar situations have recently been numerous; today alternative is shaken by contracts, numerous inspection services which are not harvested on the whole, but on the functioning individuals which they criminally expose and financially exhaust.. as it's known, there is no need for legislation, also that the principles that are set are firmly anchored.. and it proves that day after day, with a program which is performed in the premises which we like.. we are here because we love this scene, because we love this music and everything what is built around it..
when the reality hits the idealism it is necessary to choose - are we going to withdraw all together and leave or we will face up to the given situation and try to defend what's possible.. but if we step back, what do we have remained?

together with R.A.F.A.L., the Subart crew will be supported by:

PSIHOZA grind core crew from ex MOZAK..
TNT explosion of crust and grind.. on the menu there will be just old stuff from 1996 - 2008
HELL PATROL melodic dark hardcore crusties are rising from the ashes.. members of Baka Yaro, TNT, AK-47, A. Propaganda

Saturday 26.02.2011.
club Gromka, AKC Metelkova, Ljubljana (Slovenia)
entrance fee: 4 euro


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