Thursday, 3 June 2010

videos from some past gigs..

here are some videos from gigs I had wrote about before here and here..  I've founded them on the net few days ago and thought that will be okay to post them here.. thanks goes to Njec who gave me permission for using them..

first one is from gig that was happened in Medika squat, Zagreb on 15.03.2010.. there were playing Stigma, I Hope You Suffer and Last Legion Alive.. only thing that suck here is that there isn't recorded the whole performance by Last Legion Alive, only part of it, and they were so great.. especially when you know that their last song was cover of Amebix's Axeman.. hmmm.. it's a shame, but fuck it.. better something than nothing..

second two videos are also from Medika, Zagreb from gig on which were played,beside Dispro and Nulla Osta which are represented here at videos, Dažd and Bolesno Grinje on 20.03.2010..

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