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Project Hopeless was crust/d-beat band from Sweden.. it was supposed to have interview with them here.. I've sended them some questions but in meantime they broke up as a band because some problems with line up, so here is some story about them copied from their my space page.. after all, this blog is named after one of their songs..

PROJECT HOPELESS. An A//E political hardcore raw punk act, doing d-beat hardcore punk for the masses.
We started the beginning of 2001 and ended in the beginning of 2010 and we managed to release three full 7"s, one split 7" and two LPs. Our debut LP was released in 2005 entitled "Kalla Jävla Samhälle" and the follow-up, "Välkommen till vår Sopfyllda Fabrik", were recorded in 2006 in Malmo and Bradford at the 1in12 Club and released in 2007 through a collaboration of friends labels including our own. Our last release were the "Av hela mitt hjärta" 7" released 2009 by another great collaboration of friends helping out! That's it! No more to come! From now on you can check out the new band that came out of our ashes CRUTCHES

We believe in fighting and opposing fascism and sexism within our daily lives, including in the punk scene, and believe that these issues are all too often given lip-service but very often action is not followed up by the words (or patches) people wear. We believe that we have to challenge and question those who exhibit racist/sexist behaviour. We are not perfect in any way, and these issues become really hard to address when it is our friends who say or do things that we believe to be wrong. How we learn as individuals, as friends, as groups, to try and alter and learn from our own and others behaviour is a battle that we think is often shied away from. It is a lot easier to keep quiet and say nothing. Divisions occur. Friendships are broken. Sides are taken. But where within the mess that is created is the learning, the responsibility, the awareness to consider our, and others actions and the willingness to try and change? We cannot expect to change the world if we do not make the effort to change our own thoughts, ideas and beliefs that have been instilled in us throughout our childhood and schooling. Not to mention societies larger value system influenced by various media with agendas to sell. As long as we accept or distance ourselves from people who demonstrate racist/sexist behaviour then we are not any nearer to realising a society based upon equality.

Within the 'civilised' system that we live it is a struggle to live a life without "masters", without a government controlling our future with statistics. We try to fight for a life in unity where we all work together and not against each other. A life where we don't have any "masters" attempting to subjugate us. This may sound cliched but lets be realistic and demand the impossible!!! Thinking and creating new ways to live our lives! Not just for now but in a sustainable way. Not just whilst we are young and energetic but for when we are older or sick. Where we, the people, can feel free and have a say. A society where we no longer have to think about the word "oppression".

We believe that if you are not trying to say what you have in your mind then you are missing one of the best opportunities that we still have here in this world. Yes, we are being increasingly controlled and monitored every day, our freedoms and civil liberties slowly becoming eroded but we can still exist and resist to create an alternative, to mange some kind of change. Even if this change is not as big a change as you want it to be, YOUR voice, YOUR actions are still relevant to the never ending resistance that those who govern us try to impose through law, the State and the increasing power of multi-national companies that are bit-by-bit branding and cleansing our world of individuality, of human beings uniqueness, in their desire to forever increase PROFIT! These companies that have so much power in dominating the economic climate of our towns and cities are smothering us. Money talks.

Sometimes it seems that our individual actions are pointless, that what we try to achieve in our own individual lives or within our social ones, that our squats, social centres, places to meet, organise, share, have a good time in, are extinguished bit by bit as the corporate world spreads farther and farther afield to clone and monopolise the masses. Our voice exists as a protest against the selfish, individualised and plastic world that we see that is poisoning and destroying nature as well as the humans that are PART of nature. If we cannot try to change the wrongs that we have been trained to know to be right then we are never ever going to be able to achieve any larger changes either. So don't keep quiet. Agitate. Organise. Create. Do-It-Yourself.

To say that the earth is dying is nothing new. To be able to give a future for our children and theirs we have to be more concerned about the earth. Still we have to try to live our lives so that we can enjoy ourselves. To be able to live our lives as though everyday was our last but to also to realise our impact on the environment as if you would live forever. This would be the ultimate but to be realistic, this is not always a possibility. We all need lighter moments in these sad times. Where the threat of everything comes over us all the time. Up the fucking punk life! Have fun! And don't just think about yourself. Be a loving person. As long as it is possible. Love, Peace and Equality.

This is the END!
After 9 years of struggling and existence we had to come to the point of putting down the name to the grave! We've been touring and playing more than we ever expected and are so extremely thankful to all who has supported us in any kind of way that you've done. IT feels extremely sad to call a quits but the situation made us incapable of trying to make this still worthwhile of the sudden changes in the bands in such a short time. Willy had to leave his position after just a couple of months in the band, this was something that lead to the end of our existence! We did feel really bumbed about the fact of Linus's department of the band, but since Willy wanted to take the part we decided to keep it rolling.
Now we feel that it's time for something new and that the name as Project Hopeless couldn't keep on with the impersonality of to many changes just to keep the ship floating, we are true to our D.I.Y. spirit and feel that this band and music is more than a band just to keep on forever. Me (Oskar) and Tom are to keep on playing as a new constellation, but that needs to be done under a new name. We will keep the updates going, that will most likely be more or less the same kind of stuff that we managed to do the last couple of years, guess we're not being able to do anything else together after so many years of hardcore punk madness!

Thanx a million to all of you's who's supported us, come to our shows, bought and supported our records, read our lyrics, spread the word around, booked our shows and tours, made all the great feelings of this punk community actually worth the struggle! You all know who you are and you all know that your part has been a part of a change!
Matte P is to be fully respected for handling our shit in the studio. Steve of war for putting the ink on paper for the great artwork of ours. Erik ApA for the super shit of madness and hyper activity, tour support and paintings. Pää our first drummer for getting the shit together as we did. Stefan for handling the drums for the years you did, and making the recording and shows of ours together such a great feeling. Linus fr being the one of learning some people to beat the shit out of a drum kit until you puke a sight worth all of the madness. Willy for putting the effort to the band in the last months. Steve Hyland for your great parts of the band, has been something of a mad change to the shit we did.
Thanx to all our great friends who helped us out releasing our records, wouldn't be as great as it turned out without your help!
We have a mile long list of people that we wanna thank through over the years, just not possible to get it all to print! We do appreciate you all, you know that!
Project Hopeless

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