Tuesday, 30 March 2010

DISPRO / NULLA OSTA / DAŽD / BOLESNO GRINJE 20.03.2010. AKC Medika, Zagreb

in just one week already 2nd great gig in Medika squat.. this time I was going in Zagreb by bus, alone, although it was planned that more of us will go, but some of my friends abandon me this time, heheh..
I've arrived at medika somewhere about 9:00 PM when most of the crew was quite drunk already.. soon I catching up them considering of amount of alcohol in blood, heheh, and party started..
first band playing that night were Dispro from Split (Croatia).. some kind of modern hardcore punk with lot of screaming and political engaged lyrics.. this time I was watching them for the first time and they didn't surprised me with anything.. they was exactly how I was expecting them..
2nd on stage are first band from Pula (Croatia) tonight - Nulla Osta.. they are one of my favorite bands from this area.. well known sound of two distorted bass guitars, drums and good vocal.. raw, aggressive hardcore punk with crust elements.. pure perfection!..hehe.. short but great performance by them.. BTW this was their last show before Euro tour on which they go together with Slovenian crusties Anaeroba.. so check them out if you will have a chance.. it will be their 6th euro tour, I think.. behind them is already innumerable many gigs all over Europe, 5 Euro tours, Brazil tour(2008), Means To An End festival(UK 2009) and many other festivals like Balkanika Core etc..and besides all that members are active in some other bands too.. all that makes them the most active band from area of ex-yu, in my opinion.. respect for that!..
okay, back to the gig.. after them on stage are Dažd.. band from Beograd (Serbia).. I've heard much about them and some their recordings before.. they have played without their guitarist which was arrested or something, if i realized well.. they play some blackened crust with mix of metal and punk.. not so frequent kind of noise at this area.. but it was interesting to hear something new..
and for the end 2nd band from Pula (Croatia) Bolesno Grinje.. grind core at its best!... they are one of the most quality grind core bands in Europe at the moment in my modestly opinion.. this gig was thoughtful, actually as a promotion of their new album "Krvave ruke - krvav novac".. even they had played mostly new songs, on my great pleasure last two was "Alarm"  and "Grinje odlaze".. old ones, so I think that everyone has got something for themselves..
after the gig so much laughing and fun.. definitely the best after gig parties are in Medika, for sure, heheh.. there was very much people at this gig and atmosphere was great all the time but specially after the gig.. many people which I haven't seen long time, some which I see every weekend, a lot of socializing and talking.. all that spiced with few beers too much, hehe.. great!.. cheers to all the people who were there!.. it was definitely one of the best gig lately.. 'till the next time!..


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