Monday, 9 January 2017


so Optimalinija Kaos Panonia was a grindcore/noisecore/extreme hardcore festival taking place in Novi Sad in July last year and was one of the most interesting underground festivals in this area.. it was actually a split of two festivals Optimalinija, originaly started in Moscow but becomes international through the past years and serbian Kaos Panonia fest..
the organizers of this event wasn't lazy so they even published their own 'zine in which are represented, with good and interesting interviews, all the bands that were performing this year.. really nice idea and it end up just well if you ask me.. don't really know if this was distributed before the festival or at the place of the event (I found about it few months after the festival, as usual, hehe..), but in the end it isn't really matters, what counts it's the effort put in it..
besides those interviews there is an introduction, article about history of Optimalinija fest and short description of the bands.. it doesn't seems much but there is a bunch of interviews and they are good.. I won't list all the bands here, you can check the festival poster.. at the first I didn't think it has some sense to write about it now since this edition of the festival is long over but there are some really interesting things about some not so well known bands which is always good..
there is print and reading versions available on the net.. all you must do is to download it and discover a lot of info about some pretty awesome grind/extreme hc bands..


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