Saturday, 7 January 2017

MISANTROPIA - Power Hating Slaves

something new, something fresh and something hell of a good.. new and fresh at least to me because I discovered Misantropia just the other day and good, well I'm sure you will like it if you're at least a little into crust grind or death metal.. don't know much about the band except they are from Portugal (yes, some parallels with Simbiose can be drawn..), exist since 2010 and are delivering greasy mix of crust, old school grind and death metal with great male/female vocals.. don't know if there are some other releases but this one is great.. it's recorded in November 2016, released as a tape on Larvae records in December and will be soon released as a split LP with Ruinas on Neanderthal Stench..
the best crust release in 2016?.. I don't think so, there are a little too much metal influences in there, but it's bloody close..

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