Friday, 6 January 2017

new year, new struggle... + some past gigs..

so, new year is here, your shitty new year resolution has been made, you'll becoming a better man and everything.. don't worry - it won't happen..
in general, there's no any indications that this year will be something better then previous one in any aspect, at least from my side of view, but as it says: the hope dies last, so I wish to myself and to all of you a better and happier new year..

how to start a new year then with something that happen last one, so let's go..
I wasn't on any gig like since forever and don't really remember which was last one (maybe Hellback's gig in N. Gradiška??!..) and I really miss going on them, but to be honest there aren't any interesting gigs lately in my closest surroundings and don't have will, time and opportunities to hit the road somewhere farther..
so all that I have left is to read some gig review here and there or see some videos on the internet and that's how I found following ones at the pages.. those was some of the more interesting gigs lately, of course when it's about my music taste..

NULLA OSTA / PASMATERS/ DISBAJA @ Grey Room, Zagreb 3.12.2016.

this one was pretty good, I'm sure.. I found about it just the day before when one of my friends ask me if I'll go, I didn't because the other day was working in the morning and later when I heard that the whole thing started only after the midnight that turned out as a good call..
pay attention on Disbaja, oh my... how they are good.. btw it was their 1st live show with the new drummer..
Pasmaters are one of the long lasting bands on the domestic scene and always well received in Zagreb..
and dinosaurs from Nulla Osta wasn't played long long time in Zagreb so they were probably interesting to folks who was there.. they also have some new members..
there are bunch of good photos from that night and a bad gig report on this link..
"na krilima slobode - ravno u smrt!"

ALTERCADO / MISA HISTERICA / KRLJA @ Reciklaonica, Zagreb 18.11.2016.

believe me or not, I still wasn't in Klaonica squat not a single time and to be honest I'm ashamed of that 'cause it is the only real one squat in Croatia.. this time didn't go because of total bizarre reason - I forget about this gig.. I was sure to go on that, then forget about it and the next thing is I find some live footage from the gig on net.. total failure..
Altercado and M. Histerica, bands from faraway and exotic to us Chile were on their euro tour and already well known Krlja as a local support..
again gig report and photos you can find here.. apparently some fight broke out there during the night, which isn't nice..
"solo estas preocupado de la belleza de tus asesinos,  si te gusta la vanidad, comienza a usar la cabeza, si quieres sentirte importante... - asesina a tus asesinos!!"

SCAB EATER / DISEASE / LIFE SCAM @ Attack, Zagreb 2.11.2016.

and one for I didn't even know and I'm really sorry I miss it 'cause Disease are one of the most perspective d-beat punk bands from the Balkans (if the verb "perspective" can be used in describing one d-beat band, hehe..).. I mean I knew that Disease and Life Scam (both from Macedonia and sharing some members) are on tour and about their gig in Ljubljana but didn't have an idea they would also play in Zagreb..
and about Scab Eater (Australia) I 1st time heard while reading/watching this stuff here..
"Stacked and cuffed, bloody mess, Savage pigs, ruthless, Violent acts sanctioned by the state, Savage pigs, full of hate, No escape!"


Anonymous said...

bili su life scam i disease i u čk, šteta da nisi znal. ja sam org


..crucified freedom.. said...

hehe, još lepše.. prvi glas..