Wednesday, 15 June 2016


here we have the latest number of Pajser Šmajser 'zine published in September 2015.. maybe the best way to describe this number is written on front page "you have seen it all before" but that doesn't mean that 'zine isn't good.. with already recognizable design (black and white, cut and paste style with a lot of black, like on frames of the pages, front/back covers, etc.) on 32 A5 pages you can find: info about Masakrist, Proslov, Disbaja, Third I and Pokolj, interview with Tenebrositas black metal project from Požega, one author's column, some lyrics and the biggest part in this issue takes the story in form of conversation by few local people sitting on bench in front of the local store, drinking beers which is their everyday routine, where they argue about some typical and already usual, for these area (the Balkans) themes about gay and war veteran rights.. story is actually good reflection of fckd up society we live in and the state of mind of some individuals which are actually in the majority of population here..
you can read it in less than hour and this is only minus in this number, maybe few more columns would fix the whole picture.. so maybe nothing new and special here but it's a fascinating thing that people still make 'zines today  so they for sure deserve some support and if you can go get it while there are any.. it's available for 10 kn at:


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