Monday, 6 June 2016

LIBRARION #3 fanzine

FEAR...what are you really afraid of?.. did you ever ask yourself about it, or think about fear itself?.. I bet you are, at least once ('cause maybe you were to scared to think about it one more time, hehe)..
some 15 years ago one person ask me what is the thing that scares me.. since I have been "young and tough anarchist" I answer something like I'm afraid of this world and society we live in, big bosses who control our lives, etc.. well, it seems this fear was kinda justified because I become nothing more than modern slave who works entire life for someone else and persistently lying to myself that it is worth of it because with some salary I can afford all the small things that interest me and brings me joy in life.. but that's pretty normal this days, the most of us are in the same shit, admit it or not, and I'm already dealt with it..
but years after that my opinions and thoughts about fear are completely changed.. I realize how the fear itself, this feeling or state of mind, call it however you want, is really complex and interesting.. I remember that I was starting to think of this more after watching one interesting movie few years ago, can't remember it's name at the moment where the plot was about student who make an experiment as his final papers and was recording people confessing their biggest fears and later use those against them and make them confront their worst nightmares..
I even started to like the feeling of fear and learned how to enjoy in it, in the atmosphere and adrenaline which comes along.. that was mostly through some horror movies (here I don't think on gory ones, full of blood but more like psychological thrillers, etc) and books, but also some things and situations in real, everyday life..
it's actually funny and in the same time fascinating how people's mind is fertile ground for growing the seed of fear, was it fear of ourselves, death, life, loosing someone, dark, silence or of whatever you let your mind to think of when you find yourself in dark and silence where there's simple too much space and time for thinking.. and even more is interesting how sometimes this fear is completely rational and sometimes completely unnecessary.. you can go so far and say that fear is the only thing that make us survive as human species, but isn't fear also a barrier in front of you don't letting you to fulfill your aspirations and dreams?..

about that and their pristine fears are writing people in 3rd number of Librarion 'zine which is actually art 'zine, managed by Desya Lovorov but with a lot of people participating in it's making, every number has one particular theme and in this number, as you could realize by now, it's the fear .. all together 22 various authors put their fears on a paper in form of short stories, poems or artwork and we get interesting collection which can be read easily together because of similar style of writing which is actually simple but good, so you have feeling you read book of some experienced master of horror fiction.. from the stories I would point out two, by Mira Satarić and Andrea Baskin which really touched me and I get the chills while reading them..
beside the text part there are few already mentioned artworks which completes the whole story nice..
it's published in October 2015., has 33 A5 pages and it's written on Serbian.. to the whole dark atmosphere contributes the fact that text is typed by typewriter, everything is black and white and looks raw and simple.. I read somewhere that beside the 'zine there was also a compilation with some experimental/noise stuff, I didn't get mine but it sounds interesting..
maybe not my favorite form of 'zine but with this theme they definitely bought me and I'm really glad that I get it for review.. it was long time ago so sorry goes to Desya for such delaying..
in meantime there is already number 4 published and 5th is in preparation so if you're interested just write to:


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