Thursday, 16 June 2016

future releases by Neanderthal Stench records

when I've seen this new flyer for upcoming releases on Neanderthal Stench yesterday I was thinking I'm dreaming or I'm just too drunk but I checked it today also and it seems it's true.. among few good bands (like Mutabo for example), few amazing (like Misantropic) there is one LP that put a smile all over my face and that is fckn FIGHT BACK / AGATHOCLES split!.. to be clear I'm not fan of some "special" releases, re-releases, etc., you know those which are getting pressed just because publishers and distributors are sure they will easily sell them, and to be honest there are many like those lately, especially when it's about crust releases on vinyl..
but if anything deserves to be put on vinyl then this is it, because there is story behind it and everything.. looking forward to this and I'm sure I will buy it when it comes out..
for more info about the plans and other of Neanderthal Stench check out here:

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