Tuesday, 3 May 2016


some of you maybe remember of Special People Club 'zine.. well Sunburned Leg of a Woman is a new 'zine of one of the authors of before mentioned one which left only on this 1st number.. but here is about pretty similar stuff so maybe you can consider this as a sequel of Special People Club.. but this time with something better and more quality artwork, even if I'm not expert on this field..
anyhow, this is art/personal 'zine with a lot of drawings followed by only one sentence or few words which completes the drawing itself and told us story behind it.. as the author says: "this drawings are comments at everyday events through which I perpetuates positive and negative moments I experienced, likewise some comic, interesting and absurd stuff which I notice in my surroundings and relations" or "even if drawings seems simple they have big importance to me because they're telling my story" .. if anything of this sounds interesting to you and you're into simple and minimalistic artwork probably you will like it.. and yes did I mention this awesome name, like it comes from some Tarantino's movie or some 60's surf rock band..
for the end boring technicalities: it comes on all together 28 A5 pages with interesting and nice black and white artwork.. again not sure when it's published, I've 1st time heard of it somewhere in December 2015 at some gig in Novi Marof and get it few weeks later.. probably still available but ask first at:

-contact: pensipiivs@gmail.com

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