Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Distorzija Krika is fanzine from Serbia and this number is released in October 2015.. it consist mostly of interviews and those are with: Analizator, Ura, AK-47, Hongo, Extreme Smoke 57, Đornata, Mutabo, Wolfbrigade, Dishumanity, Doom, Joys of Life, Žegor, Više od Milimetra and Blatta Knup, and then with some artists like: Septic Art, Ica and Mina Pavlović, also here is an interview with Jasna from club Gromka.. beside those interviews you can read info about artist Marina Marić, some lyrics of bands such as Agrimonia and Iskra and there are a lot of great artwork all over the zine..
from interviews I would pointed out all from the before mentioned artists and with Jasna (Gromka) which are pretty interesting and from the bands maybe with Mutabo, Ura and AK-47 while other aren't interesting, somehow too usual questions as same as the answers..
all together on approximately 70 pages written on Serbian and mostly by hand which is the fact I like the most when it's about this 'zine, there's always more of some personal touch in such styled 'zines..
good thing in this number considering on previous one is that this time there aren't just bands interviewed and if in the next will be something more than just 'views that'll be even better..
okay, you can read it on facebook or download it from dropbox or just write here:

-contact: andrianapunk@gmail.com

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