Tuesday, 3 May 2016


what's happening with fanzines here lately?.. after some revival of croatian zine scene in last 2-3 or so years everything settled down again and there are only few fresh numbers of some zines pops out here and there.. the last one published was Pajser Šmajser #4 but that was in September 2015, after which I didn't heard about nothing new.. let somebody correct me if I'm wrong..
anyhow, I have few 'zines which are actually pretty fresh to me cause I didn't have time, was lazy etc, for reading them or write some reviews so in next few posts you can read a few words about them..

1st is IOSC and its 17th issue, pretty impressive number you must admit.. released somewhere in April 2015 on 48 A4 pages written this time only on Croatian.. from the content I would say already usual material for this 'zine, it means a lot of personal styled columns by the author, interview with Left to Starve, The Truth/Peoplefox and Bosonogo Djetinjstvo/The Truth tour reports, 'zine reviews and definitely the most interesting part of this number a poll among the currently active croatian zinemakers in which they answer on 10 questions about their own 'zines and their views on 'zine  and hc punk scene in general.. the best answers and the closest to my opinion are from Leki (Selftitled) and Jurica (SROA/Mentalna Smrt) but other are also quite interesting..
about design, also already recognizable IOSC cut and paste style with a bunch of small-font text and black and white printed pictures through the middle of the pages..
although I don't agree and don't share, like more than 50% of authors way of thinking about some things I must admit there are few things about which we do think the same, especially when it's about the current state on domestic hc punk scene (not all things, but some...), about social networks, etc.. anyway the best would be if you check it for yourself..
I bought it for 15kn (2 euros) if I'm not wrong and don't know if it's still available but you can try at:

- contact: gajoimasa@yahoo.com


The Snake said...

Izbacio sam What Remains is More Than Words # 7 negdje krajem 2015.-e i trenutno radim na novom IOSC-u i još jednom zinu na engleskom. Izašla je Čebula # 3 prije kojih dva mjeseca, no mislim da je uz zadnji Pajser to trenutno sve od fanzina odavde... Tenks na recenziji.

..crucified freedom.. said...

evo nisam znal za wrimtw i čebulu.. ajde bar nešto.. jel se može kod tebe nabavit pajser, čebula i what remains...?

The Snake said...

Da, možeš sva tri zina kod mene nabaviti.

Helly Cherry said...

Gajo i dalje gura. Bravo! 17 brojeva je činjenjica za respect :)
Baš davno nisam čitao neki broj, nisam ni znao izlazi li još fanzin. Vidim da sam dosta propustio...