Friday, 20 November 2015

THE GIG in Zagreb (January 2016)

when?............8.01.2015., Friday
where?...........AKC Medika, Zagreb
who?..............DOOM crust punk, UK
                      FIGHT BACK hc crust, Cro
                      DISBAJA raw d beat punk, Cro
                      KRLJA grindcore, Cro
entrance?.......65/75 kn

yes, it's already kind of tradition that there is at least one gig every year in Zagreb which everyone call "the gig of the season" or "the gig of the year", etc. but this one will be really special.. yes, I know, now you all think it's because of Doom, right!?.. but it's not, I saw them like 4 or so times since they play again and I really like and respect them, they are maybe my favorite band of all time, but here we speak about Fight Back, band from Požega which is I would say pretty well known as here but abroad as well.. the band, as the legend say, which members of mighty Agathocles was asking to reunite and offering them tours in Belgium and Europe, the band which make cover of one old band's song which later becomes probably the most played cover on domestic hc punk scene and everybody thinks that's actually Fight Back's song, and one of the best bands that Požega ever had, and believe me it has it more than every single same sized town in the whole fckin' world.. oh how I would love it that they play with Kktz on vocals, no offense Dena, I just like those phase more, but it will be great anyway.. I can't wait to grab a mic and shout corporate wasteland, corporate wasteland, corporate wasteland - that's the land that they promised you!!.. how they are preparing for the gig you can see on this link..
and yes, I'm also happy to see Disbaja for the first time.. only thing I don't like is the price of the tickets, which is a way too expensive (75kn/10 euros).. just need figured out is it because of Doom or those folks from Fight Back were requested some extra cash to play again, hehehe..
okay, don't miss the chance to see Fight Back live because no one knows what will be with them after this one gig, and if you think "what's wrong with this guy, which Fight Back!?.." than at least come to see Doom..


axegrinder said...

hvala na suportu naravno.
iz agathoclesa su se već ispričali da ne mogu doći, imaju neki gig taj dan, ali već je ponuđen datum za belgiju 2016haha, koji likovi.
fight back expenses haha, to ću ti usmeno reći koliko smo tražili ;)
planovi dalje - tko zna, kak nas put nanese, da mi je netko rekao da ćemo IKADA svirati reko bi mu nema šanse baja moj. i eto nas sad.
i za slučaj da nisi vidio evpo ti i ovo. za sada bez basa, al osjeti se sve ;)


..crucified freedom.. said...

hehe, to je to.. samo derite pa kaj bude bit će.. vidimo se 8og sigurno, bude veselo..

a za snimak, ne samo vidio nego je već i u postu ;)