Wednesday 4 November 2015

tapes are still cool..

the other day I got a few tapes from Olden Sonorities distro for which I was sure they aren't available anywhere still today.. some really nice older pieces: Nonsense - Always Against, Inhumate / Gorgonized Dorks / Asyntax / Nonsense – 4 way split, Praia De Vomito / Nonsense - split, Bloodsucking Freaks / Disorganized - split, and two more recent: Dažd - Demo trake EP and GutterSkull - Crawling in Disgust..
not bad, I have a lot of great stuff to listen in next few days/months and, who knows, maybe I'll be willing to write some reviews here soon..

also have 2 extra tapes of GutterSkull, so if anyone is interested get in touch (20 kn, Croatia only)..


Anonymous said...

The Blood Sucking Freaks/Disorganized split tape is still for sale! I did a mini re-release of this one as i still had a load of covers left over.
Contact or check out

..crucified freedom.. said...

nice, I just like this tape, it doesn't get out of my player for a while..
btw I have some old copies of your zine.. nice to see you're still active..

axegrinder said...

I also have my own "master" bsf/d split tape. cheers steve, gera s here.

Olden Sonorities said...

Thanx, it was a great trade.