Tuesday, 7 July 2015

ČEBULA #2 fanzine

yeah, I know, I'm lazy and slow since this came out in August last year, but better now then never..
after reading this 'zine I caught myself thinking about how it's funny that there's something in human nature making us to like reading/hearing/talking about someone's personal and private things, was it secretly reading of brother's/sister's/friend's diary when we were kids or reading some personal 'zines or was it just gossiping about your neighbor with someone during your sunday morning coffee after heavily drinking night.. I think, I'm the first one who will say that I don't give a damn about other peoples stuff, I have my own problems, etc, and that's kinda true, but whether we like to admit it or not there's something that attract us into reading/talking about such things and that's pretty "normal", I guess..
and that's exactly what this zine is about.. while reading this I was having a feeling like I read Masha's diary about things and stuff that happened since the last/1st number.. so I won't bragging much about the content this time, just to mention that you can read something about everyday life struggle (sometimes harsh and sometimes nice, just like life itself really is..), relationships, friends, traveling/gig reports, one interview and two extensive 'zine reviews..
everything comes on 52 pages and A5 format, in of course, cut and paste style complemented with again great artwork..
nothing more to say, except this is one really nice 'zine and if you're at least a little "normal", hehe, you'll like it.. looking forward to read new issues of this 'zine and until then go check if this is still available on the following e-mail..

-contact: masha_uber_alles@hotmail.com

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