Wednesday, 2 March 2011


few days ago I've got an e-mail from this 'till now unknown band to me, with link to their bandcamp page and demo.. was positively surprised with their mix of d-beat crust with hc and metal.. here is some info about them written by Jason..

"We are Life Erased from Dallas, Texas. We formed in mid-2009 and have played somewhere around 60-70 gigs since our first show September 11, 2009. We've been lucky to share the stage with some amazing bands, so far... to name a few: Nux Vomica, Phobia, Coche Bomba, Giuda, Caulfield, Kontatto, Hellbastard, Hatred Surge, Vile Intent, Man The Conveyors, Kill The Client, Book of Black Earth, Mutilation Rtes, The Skuds, Varix, Paranoid Freakout, Javelina. We help run a DIY venue called The Phoenix Project and work to further promote the underground scene here. Life Erased is Jason Barnett (vocals), Wyatt Burton (guitar & vocals), Tyler Wolfe (bass) & Matt Preston (drums)."

LIFE ERASED - Atop The Mountain Of Your Dead Selves (demo)
Life Erased delivers here 6 songs in very good mixture of modern d-beat crust with strong hc and metal influences,it means a lot of fast beats and riffs combined with some heavy guitar parts, furious solos here and there, and with great dual vocals.. all together, something more than 17 min of metal punk madness.. 
as music itself, lyrics are also full of darkness and misery, as it is commonly for such bands, but written interesting and good.. Jason told me that this is their demo, but considering on great production and band drill this could be one proper album..
anyhow, worth to checking band, that's for sure..
they offer those recordings for free download at the best qualities from their bandcamp page, which is commendable, of course..

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