Sunday, 14 November 2010

SPACE WARS #? fanzine

Space Wars is another fanzine based on squatting themes that I've found at zinelibrary.. also olderdated, published in October 2008, but with very interesting writings.. on 18 pages you can read about the police repression on Hamilton's (Canada) graffiti scene, story about Wood Squat in Guelph told by the few squatters who lived there (about an very interesting action of resistance to eviction of their squat when they where threaten to the police that they will evict them from the police station), some other writings about squatting movement in Canada and autonomous spaces in general..
like I've told before, many interesting writings,so once again if you are even a little into the squatting movement you won't regret it if you read this one..
I don't know which number is this, neither is there are any other issues of it..
go read or save PDF file HERE..

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