Wednesday, 17 November 2010

DOOM / HOMO HOMINI LUPUS / ACRID SUNDAY 6.11.2010. Club Gromka, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

yes,yes they are really back.. after 5 years break, Doom are back again and they continues where they had stopped after death of their singer Wayne Southworth.. they have played on some summer festivals this year (Punk Illegal, Obscene Extreme, Scum Fest...) and I was so sorry 'cause I didn't go on any of this..
but then somewhere back in August I found out that they will play in Ljubljana in November.. great, I cant miss that!.. while we were returning home from Balkanika Core fest the agreement was made that the same crew (but this time with my car) will go at Doom gig as well, but in the end only two of us stand from that crew, because only we reserve our tickets on time..
and finally, after two months of expectation, the day has come!.. we went on the road something earlier (10:00AM) because we were going to meet our friend (she is studying in Ljubljana) and to make a little sightseeing of the town.. I was few time there before and I liked the town but never saw to much of it because I was busy with some other things (getin' drunk, for example) and now was good opportunity for that.. after one hour (or even more..) of hesitating where we will going to eat we chose some Thai restaurant and go there.. that was 1st time that I was eating something like that, but it was interesting and good.. after that we go in friends apartment on some coffee and we wait there for the evening and for few more friends which were coming on the gig..
when we came at Metelkova squat there wasn't so many people as I expected.. time before gig started we spend outside drinking juices (yes I was sober, even friend told me that we will talk to our grandchildren that we were at Doom gig sober).. the crowd was getin' bigger as the start of a gig was closer.. even some people arrived from Serbia, there was a lot of people from Croatia, too, but again I maybe expect that there will be more people..
and slowly the gig was starting.. first this night was Acrid Sunday from Ilirska Bistrica (Slovenia).. they exist only for few years ant that was already their valedictory gig (if I got it well).. fast, apocalyptic crust hc.. I didn't like sound of their vocal, this little I was able to heard, but musically they were okay.. last two songs was covers, one with Mitja singer from Anaeroba as a guest on vocals, and that was Anaeroba's cover (I think, but not 100% sure), and the other was cover of Visions Of War (again not sure if this is song of theirs but I know that V.O.W.-ers plays this song at their gigs).. and that was the best part of their performance..
after them Homo Homini Lupus from Pula (Croatia).. crust with some old school grind elements interwoven with d-beat punk, I would say..just 3 guys in this band, bassist and drummer singing and all that sounds nice.. fast, powerful and aggressive, just as it should be!..
but at the end, as Dragan from H.H.L. have been said: "we all knows because of who we are all here tonight!.."
so after short pause Doom are coming on the stage.. 14 years after their first gig in Slovenia (back then in 1996, that time in I. Bistrica) which didn't remained in good memory to them, I think, because of everything what they are been thro' that night, although they recorded live EP from that live "The Pissed, Robbed and Twatted", they are back here.. I really didn't know what to expect from them because some of my friends which saw them already this year had said to me that they are good, some that this isn't it without Wayne on vocals, but again I knew that I will like them, if not for anything else, then for that because they are very dear band to me.. back then some ten years ago when I was starting with punk they were legends already, I remember many bands covering their stuffs back then..
they can't be that bad I've thought..
and of course, after only two songs I was blown away!.. they played all those legendary songs Exploitation, Phobia for Change, Nazi Die (2x), Means To An End, Relief, Police Bastards (2x)... pretty long performance (one hour for sure,if not even longer), 2 times they were returning back on stage, all ended with Denis in the air on crowd's hands.. perfect..
only some drunk punk bothered with forcing climbing on stage and jumping in crowd (with some 100kg, half naked and, sure in dr. Martens boots), even he fell on the stage at one moment, pulling out guitar cables.. yeah, but all that is punk.. everything other was perfect and I really enjoyed their show much..
and just to say, I like one more thing, and that's that those crust punk veterans really enjoy in this what they're doing, and they're not just reunited 'cause it is trend nowadays or just it has to be this way.. after more than 20 years they are still 100% in it, or at least I experienced  them that way..
after the gig I shortly discuss with crew, and then we go at friend's place for sleeping..
early in the morning, when we woke up, we go home still full of impressions.. we killed those 200km in some 2 and half hours..
for the end just want to say that they are the best band to me which I saw live.. and if you know that in last 3 or so years I've seen bands like Agathocles, Extreme Noise Terror, Gride, Visions Of War, Wolfbrigade, Extinction Of Mankind, Deviated Instinct, Instinct Of Survival, Patareni (actually them I just heard live,lying in tent drunk as fuck,heheh), Campus Sterminii, Warcollapse and many others, then that means something, isn't it?!..

videos from this gig I've founded HERE and HERE

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