Sunday, 10 October 2010


here we have a little bit older fanzine (from 2008) hailing from Wroclaw, Poland but written on English..
it's a really great 'zine with strong personal note.. author of this 'zine is trying to share his ideas and points of view through every part of the 'zine (from the editorial thro' interviews and columns).. he says that the idea of doing a 'zine should be sharing a part of author with the readers..
it's a big shame 'cause all that stops after this 1st issue (I think there wasn't any new numbers)..
so, in it you can read great interviews with some cool bands like FxPxOx, Pavilionul 32, Hit Me Back, Voetsek, Fall Of Efrafa and with Fuck for Forest (porn project from which all profits goes to some ecological projects), few interesting columns (on the themes like science vs primitivism, culture vs nature or veganism, etc) and some book reviews..
really cool and quality fanzine, so I'm sure that you won't regret if you read it..
read it at zinelibrary as a PDF file here

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