Tuesday, 26 October 2010

7th ANTIFA FEST 10.-14.11.2010. K. Rojc, Pula (Croatia)

the Monte Paradiso crew organized one more edition of the musically-educational manifestation - Antifa festival..
this year AFF brings you again a number of interesting speakers: Hilary Pilkington (University of Warwick, Coventry, UK), Nikola Petković (philosophical faculty of Rijeka), Marko Vojnić Gin and Marko Juričić (activists from "Right on the City" from Zagreb), Andrej Hendelja and Marko Grbac (Action for Rojc); exhibitions: Bukanojz (Zagreb Pride, students from Accademia di Belle Arti iz Venecije, People from Rojc...); performance: Go GO Wrighters-Pula and thematic video projections..

concert part:
Friday 12.11.
REBORN (Šibenik), RED (Pula), KRIVA ISTINA (Slavonski Brod), FAAK AM SEE (Slavonski Brod), AMOK (Zagreb)

about festival:
the festival is organized for the 7th time in memory on the attack of neo-nazi group on the members of this Pula's association.. like an reaction on this attack demonstrative "peace-march" has been held, named "no to violence - no to fasizm!!!" which brought together almost 2000 citizens like an concrete and correct form of expressing resistance to absolutely all the ideas related to nazism, fascizm and to similar ideologies..
on the wings of the protests antifa festival was born..

AFF collective/Monte Paradiso association/NIPdiy are greatful for the help to Distorzija association, cinema Valli, dr. INAT-a and SUP-u..

the correct program and more information expect soon here:
web page
my space
and be sure to check out history of  the festival at the blog section on their my space page..


JuricA//E said...

idemo? mene lorkac tovi da pelam, a nije da si nebi smc i hocu necu posnimal. ak se potrudite bute me nagovorili

..crucified freedom.. said...

je,je to smo se mi dva već sve dogovorili,hehe.. tvoje je sam da voziš.. ;))
ništ,onda se bumo trudili celi drugi tjedan kaj te nagovorimo, mislim tebe isto duugo treba nagovarati,hehe..