Wednesday, 6 October 2010

EVIL MINDED #4, #5 fanzine

I was just up to write something about 4th number of this 'zine coming from USA when I noticed link on punks is hippies blog! for 5th number as well, so here are both of them.. and when I saw that in 5th is interview with U.B.R., there wasn't any doubts..

in 4th number you can read nice article with author's thoughts on punk zines and role that internet has on punk (wich, btw, I don't agree completely, but it's interesting for reading), demo reviews of some underated bands, good interviews with Hellkontroll, Kriegshog, Morpheme and Boteilon De Castigo plus some other reviews.. all that on 28 pages..
it's published in July 2009 and it is completely sold out so there is nothing to do then read it online or download it from issuu link..

in 5th number besides above mentioned interview with U.B.R. (acctually two of them, one is translated from Swedish to English from Upset Dischord from 1985 and other is from M.R.R. #20) there are 'views with Svdor, Aghast and The Assassinators, L.A. scene report and zines and records reviews..
also on 28 pages, partly typing with typewriter, and partly with computer.. this number is published in April 2010..
I really like the style and conception of this 'zine..

the 6th number is also out and available at:
for more info and to read older numbers go visit zine web page

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