Friday, 17 September 2010

AK - 47 / PAVILIONUL 32 / CSIHAS BENO 10.09.2010. Jedinstvo, Zagreb

and here we are, back again with posting here and with new concert season, as well.. after all those summer festivals it's time to get back in reality and be satisfied with occasional „ordinary“ gigs..
this one was first such gig on which I was after some longer period.. the concert was held in the hall Jedinstvo..that was 1st time I was in there..nice space..
first band playing that night were Ak-47, well known anarcho punk crust band from Zagreb.. they are actually one of the best Cro bands to me, so it was nice to see them live again, 'cause they don't have live shows so often after they started to play again after some longer hiatus.. they were already playing when we entered the place but we have heard almost all their great old stuff.. for the end they played legendary song Teroristi, which is as a matter of fact cover of song of one old band Z.R.M., but I think that Ak-47 are those who made that song so „popular“..
after them band from Romania Pavilionul 32.. I have seen them before, at first Balkanika Core fest , 3 years ago, and was happy to see them again 'cause they are great band to me.. they play punk fastcore powerviolence with engaged anarchist lyrics.. this gig was one piece of puzzle of their euro tour on which they were playing, besides Croatia, in Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Serbia, Czech Republic and Romania.. they are quite active band with myriad gigs behind them and I will recommend them to you if you have chance to see them live!..
last band on the stage were Csihas Beno, hardcore powerviolence band from Sombor, Serbia.. I must admit that I didn't listen them something closely, 'cause I was occupied with browsing the distribution, I even surprisingly founded and bought split EP Senseless/S.Z.I. which is very precious release to me.. but that little I heard from them was good also..
as I had said before, just one „ordinary“ gig but again great bands,and good fun in Zagreb..
expecting a new gigs.. until then stay well and cheers!..

P.S. - heheheh, what a mess! I was 100% sure that Csihas Beno played at this gig until yesterday when Jurica convinced me that they were not played at all!.. I was a little bit drunk and my concentration was week at the end of a gig,hehe, so I was probably a little confused.. crazy drunk bastard .. sorry for the wrong information..



Jurica said...

budalo pijana :D pa csihas bene nije opče sviral

..crucified freedom.. said...

ehehehhehe..ja ne vjerujem!..
kaj stvarno!???
a ja sam bil uvjereni da je posle ovih rumunji još neko sviral i onda sam tek po plakatu zaključil da bi to trebali ovi biti..
heheheh..baš budala..

Jurica said...

car :D
drugi put nemoj nosit šank sa sobom :)
posle rumunja, dok smo istraživali kaj ima po distrama je bil laptop spojen na razglas i to je sviralo:))

Anonymous said...

Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!