Thursday, 26 August 2010

just few words about...

I'm not something overactive with new posts here lately (last post here was almost a month ago), but you know how it is.. last days of summer are here and I want to use them as more and as better as I can!..
3 weeks ago I was at Monte Paradiso festival in Pula and it was awsome!.. I've been there just last 2 days but I really enjoyed much.. I've never seen so much people on some underground festival before.. have seen some really great bands, meet some cool people, swiming in the sea, drink tons of vine and beer... what do you need more?!..
btw this was already 18th Monte Paradiso festival and that makes it already legendary in this area.. all bands which have been playing there you can find here..
big thanks goes to friends who had offered me a ride and ask me to go with them only two days before the fest when I was already quite sure that I won't go there..
tomorrow I will go at Balkanika Core meets Krastival festival in Slovenia.. hope there will be at least half good as it was at Monte Paradiso!..
when I come back (and if I come back in one piece,heheh) I will devote more time to this blog.. so soon I'm back with writtings and posting stuffs here..
hope you all had a great summer!.. cheers!

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