Thursday, 14 June 2018

MORROW live @ Alerta Antifascista Deathfest, Hannover 09.06.2018. - video

I was listening this epic crust or how they say emocrust/melodic crust punk band a lot in last couple of months, since their latest album Fallow is available on bandcamp (also check their debut Covenant of Teeth which is also great if not even better).. it's about pretty interesting band, even they are active since 2014 they didn't perform live until a week ago.. probably because they are international crew with members from UK, Spain and Austria so they can't rehearse a lot together..
also I didn't hear about them before releasing this last album, even I have felling that they were a well known band to the people who are more into this kind of music but now after releasing of Fallow and starting with live shows there is already some hype around them growing slowly but for sure..

so, here's the video of their 1st live show ever at Alerta Antifascista Deathfest, there are few more songs on the same youtube channel so check them out if you like it..

what to say for a band who shares ex or current members with Fall of Efrafa, Arboricidio, Witchcult and Carnist and as influences they mention Madame Germen, Remains of the day, Schifosi, His hero is gone and Ictus?! - well in my opinion they eat most of the mentioned for breakfast without bread...and salt... but check it yourself if you don't believe me..

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