Tuesday, 1 May 2018

RULES / CANINE 27.04.2018., Stara škola, Novi Marof

okay this will be short one.. at the beginning there wasn't a plan to write about it at all, but somehow I feel the need to write few words down..
french screamo band in Novi Marof?! - until few weeks ago this sounded somehow unlikely and strange, if we don't talk about Mališa Bahat, hehe, but obviously it happened (now I just wait for d-beat raw punk band from Japan and I can die peacefully).. and how it happened? - well, story goes something like this: Canine where looking for gig in Croatia, as a part of their south-east euro tour (which, btw still lasts.. 'till the 12th of May) and they get advice from the guy that have solo acoustic project Giz Medium to visit Novi Marof on their road, 'cause he was there already twice in last few years and was having good time and playing some interesting gigs.. I guess he's  fcked up when the guys from Canine return from tour 'cause I can bet that this will be the least attended gig on the whole tour.. if we don't count bands, organizer and the guy who worked at the bar, there was like 5 people which is a shame because it could be great and fun gig, but somehow in this half dead and sad atmosphere it was just good..
I was expecting that more people will come as beginning was approaching like it's somehow usual lately but it ain't happen this time so Canine started to play somewhere after 22:00 in front of 13 - 14 people max.. they are post hardcore/screamo band from Marseille area with some unusual schemes in their music like in one song when everyone from the band shout as back vocals but without the microphone (sounds funny but cool at the same time), then some kind of electric drum they used for the intro in the last song, etc... in short - partly slow, emotional and melancholic post hardcore with some fast and wild, a bit chaotic screamo/hc punk parts here and there which I liked more..
from the titles of the songs and few words as short explanation of lyrics by the vocalist between them it's obviously that they are socially engaged and talk about unity, friendship, respect and tolerance - you can say somehow usual themes for hc band.. some 20 mins set by them, played very engaged and energetic, they sure aren't one of those boring, static bands who plays standing still in deep concentration trying not to miss the single one note and that's what I like the most 'cause their music isn't really in my style, but at the end it was interesting to watch such band live for a little change..
they are strictly into diy philosophy and they prove that with their distro where all the stuff, it means everything from LPs, shirts to stickers and all other was on donations.. carried by all that and the fact that there wasn't any chance to get some decent money from the tickets, I couldn't resist to buy their 12" vinyl even knowing that I won't probably spin it more than once or twice just to hear how it sounds (and it sounds great, btw, somehow masive and greasy sound) but it seemed like a good idea to support them, even on that small, symbolic way.. I mean, in the end this is actually everything, that's all about what it is and that's the way it should be..
after them Rules from Zageb/Karlovac, relatively newer hc punk band with members from The Truth and Left to Starve.. mostly fast as hell hc punk strongly influenced by 80's/90's american hardcore bands and in few parts when they aren't going 180 km/h they leans toward some filthy garage rock'n'roll, at least I experience them this way.. from the bands I was watching lately maybe some parallels with Eke Buba can be drawn, at least in speed, vocal style, attitude and atmosphere.. everyone in the band are 100 % into it but the drummer and vocalist was somehow the most interesting figures that night with their energetic performance.. maybe something longer set by them then the Canine but not longer then some 25 mins and gig was already over..
those 5 people who came, disappeared shortly after the gig so I also greeted crew from organization and bands and was heading toward home with some serious ringing in my ears which lasted for a day because of great and this time very loud sound system..
one more short and fast gig in Novi Marof with criminally low attendance, you can never know what to expect from this bloody Marof, two weeks ago on also one band from France and few local ones there were  about 100 people and now you could count them on the fingers of one hand.. well it was obviously more interesting to go on "true" punk bands like Punkreas in Varaždin or maybe on Exploited in Maribor which were playing the same night.. if so, it's even better that those people who don't understand what the real diy hc punk is all about wasn't there..
to those few losers who still understands - until the next time, stay well and cheers!..

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