Monday, 14 May 2018


this is nice one.. did you knew that Anaeroba is still active??.. I found out about this somewhere at the end of last year when I heard that they had USA tour and was pretty damn surprised.. this monster of band stopped with work just in time when they need to become one of the best and most recognizable crust band in Europe, at least that's my opinion.. then Mitja, the vocalist moved to USA and logically story about Anaeroba finishes.. but then somewhere around May last year Mitja gathered new crew in US, mostly members of another one great crust punk band Generacion Decline + Dennis from Radio Bikini and they did short USA tour together with Generacion Decline..
judging on some videos available on youtube from that tour they play all old Anaeroba's stuff and sounds pretty much the same as before and that's great..
now, in the same composition they will conquer the northern part of Europe from 23th of May to 9th of June and they still need help with two dates (6th and 7th of June) so if you can help contact them on facebook..

update: well, it seems I was having the wrong information.. Mitja from Anaeroba never moved to USA and still lives in Slovenia, old Anaeroba departed for some other reasons and he just gathered those new people to make tours from time to time..
anyhow, thanks to Dunja (R.A.F.A.L.) for correcting me and for the info.. you rule!..

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