Sunday, 23 July 2017

MONTEPARADISO festival 03.-05.08.2017., Pula (Croatia)

THURSDAY, 03.08.2017.

Stalag 13 (USA)
Know (USA)
The Mild (IT)
Sick Crap (HR)
3deutige Aussage (A)
Pestarzt (SRB)
Antidotum (PL)

FRIDAY, 04.08.2017.

Vasko Atanasoski (MK)
Aimless Arrow (HR)
Absorber (AT)
Vitamin X (NL)
Open Wounds (NL)
Breakout (FR)
Obscene Revenge (IT)

SATURDAY, 05.08.2017. 

Herida Profunda (PL/UK)
Fonija (MK)
Beton (SK)
A New Scar (IT)
Choix (RUS)
Doom (UK)
Oi Polloi (UK)

The 25th Monteparadiso Hardcore Punk Festival
03rd, 04th and 05th of August 2017
Social Center Rojc 
Pula, Croatia
Tickets: All three days 200kn, one day 100kn


yogi said...

och, Doom! i love this band... :-)

..crucified freedom.. said...

me too.. one of the best.. even some people wold say that they sound the same for already 25 years, but that's probably why I like them..
I was lucky enough to see them live couple of times in last few years..