Thursday, 27 July 2017

blast from the past... Undone

few months ago I made post about Outré, emotional hc band which I listened back then as a kid and the other day I again accidentally find some live footage of one other similar band - Undone and I remembered that I was spinning them on the tape countless and countless of times..
only then I realized that I was having a real emotional hardcore phase and I was listening a few such bands so I will make one or two more posts in this "blast from the past" scheme when it's about emo hc/screamo bands that I listened.. and who knows,maybe I'll do it also with some other genres, could be interesting 'cause I'm known as a nostalgic bastard..

first touch, and actually the only one 'till some more recent time when I got internet, with Undone was when I get mix tape from one "mail buddy" back then with few really interesting stuff (see the picture) and among others there were Undone and I remember that they impressed me the most.. probably because the rest of the bands I already knew or because they sounded a way different then other on this tape.. it was actually first emo hardcore band that I ever heard.. I said emo hardcore and not screamo on purpose because this was exactly what such music was called then (to be completely honest they called themselves hardcore punk, but if you wanna describe someone how they sound you would use term emo hc).. there still wasn't those black haired pop emo kids and bands which comes on everyone minds when they hear word "emo" (who knows, maybe that's the reason why later those bands are labeled as screamo, or that comes from American bands like Orchid and the likes, I don't know..)..
even, it's obviously, I'm not some expert for this genre, I know, in that time there were many similar bands, like Ivich, Jasemine and Anomie for example (yes, I did my homework, hehe), and of course Undone together with them makes interesting new noise and for sure were one of the founders of genre which is today known as "french screamo", the term with which even some bands that aren't from France nor have anything with this country gets described by..

but let's go back to Undone.. they were, as you probably realised by now, band from France (Mantes, to be more precise) playing some seriously good hc punk in which they perfectly combined fast and slow parts.. it means slow was usually intros in the songs or some down tempo interludes while most of the songs ends up in fast and intense hardcore, all that nicely completed with great vocal full of emotions and despair, sometimes more like spoken but most of the time screamed from deepest parts of lungs.. oh, how many times I jumped and screamed all over my room listening to them, especially on song Witness (because of it's heaviness) and Ashamed (because it was the fastest one) which were my favourite..
when it's about the lyrics, they are on English and are pretty good, mostly in depressing tone but very socially and politically engaged.. also covers of their releases often contains some texts, opinions about music, politics and such things written by the band members, so obviously they were a band with much to say.. one of those who provide the same attention to their music and lyrics and consider both of them equally important..
Dark Future was their LP released in 1995 and I get it recorded on above mentioned tape.. even later I get some more stuff from them this one remains somehow the best and the dearest release by them to me.. from the rest of their releases I remember that from some distos here in Croatia was available their split tape with Pau Etere which was benefit for ALF and for other I found out in times when I got internet access..
even they were short lived band they had decent discography which looks something like this:
Demo tape - 1993 (self released)
Undone 7" - 1994 (Stonehenge Records, Kleines Mädchen)
Undone / Shatter the Myth Split 7" - 1994 (Stonehenge Records, Kleines Mädchen, Autosatisfaction)
Dark Future LP - 1995 (Stonehenge Records, Kleines Mädchen)
Undone / Peu Être split tape (Opale, Le Brun Le Roux Corporation)
The Other Side 7" - 1996 (Stonehenge Records)

yesterday when I was investigating a little on the net about them, with the intention to make this post more interesting, I couldn't find much except almost the whole Dark Future on youtube but then I remembered of a great blog which I follow for already long time LA MORT D'UN(E) MODERNISTE and as I knew which kind of stuff are posted there think to myself, if I can find something about them I will find it there and of course I was right.. this guy made series of posts about french emotional hardcore punk and among others he have complete discography of Undone for download with covers, booklets and all the other interesting stuff included.. awesome.. so if you still didn't hear this great band and you are at least little bit into emotional hardcore (don't know why but even if you aren't into such kind of noise I'm sure you'll like it..) go and check it.. to me they are very interesting band and anytime I'm in the mood I'm coming back to them gladly even if today I listen something different music.. but how the old Croatian saying says - "that's all punk" and that is the most important..


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zmislim se da ti je taj bend bil dobar, ali na toj kazeti je i dragulj
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je.. sve na toj kazeti je super.. i ove tri Agathocles pjesme su meni valjda najbolje njihove.. a tolshock, destroy i police bastard nemoram ni spominjati..