Saturday, 13 August 2016

NO SANCTUARY festival 2016 - video

honestly, I don't go on festivals really at last few years nor do I have some need and will to go on them, I don't know maybe I'm too old, can't drink two or three days in a row, tickets are usually too expensive, etc. but this one (and Optimalinija / KAOS Panonia fest actually) had intrigued me pretty much at the beginning, some 6-7 months ago when there were announced 1st names of line up and the place of holding the festival.. let's be honest, even if you don't like big festivals when you hear about all those names of the bands at one place, if you're at least little into crust, your hart will start beating something faster for sure.. luckily I was working that weekend so I wasn't even tempted to go there, hehe, but as I see from some photos and videos all was organized and looked pretty well..

so thanx to subsite tv there are some live footage (every band represented with one song) for all of us fckers who wasn't there, also if you were there you were probably drunk and wasted so it's good opportunity to remember how the bands sound like those two days..

special recommendation: from the 1st day check out Mutabo on 34:30 and from the 2nd Disbaja on 4:44 (hey, what an incredible band), Stasis on 12:09, Misantropic on 31:00 and of course Fight Back on 29:13

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