Friday, 26 August 2016

few upcoming gigs..

today in Klaonica squat in Zagreb will be hosted by one really interesting folk punk crust band or as they are calling their music "thrash grass" from Huston DAYS N' DAZE..
in last few years there were various folk punk bands/musicians touring this our area but nothing good as this one.. after a little bit of research on youtube I found out that there are few other bands plying in the same style, some even share members from Days n' Daze and all are pretty good and interesting..
crew from Klaonica are also preparing some antisport actions like punk ping pong and table football before the gig..

on 31st August in Gromka, Ljubljana comes SWORDWIELDER from Sweden, good stenchcore crust band strongly influenced with Amebix, D. Instinct and the likes.. something newer band but I think already well known.. as a support there will be HAZARDER from Croatia, also already well known band in this area with similar influences as folks from Sweden but in something more sludge/doom tone..

MOB 47 and PAKT are touring the Balkans from 2nd 'till 4th of September and will be playing at following
places: MKNŽ, Ilirska Bistrica
            BAZA, Novi Sad
            AKC Attack, Zagreb


7th Antifa festival in Mostar will be held on 3th of September.. it's already traditional fest with all day program, a lot of distros and of course concert part at the evening.. this year with bands: CATARZA, GLOVES OFF, PERONISEPORA, MOCA I BIZNISMENI and SPRING FALL SEA..

melodic hc punk gig for the end of summer..
AKC Attack, Zagreb
damage: 30kn

that's all for now.. british punk crust veterans Warwound will tour this part of Europe (Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia and Croatia) in 2nd part of September but about that some info will follow soon..

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