Friday, 11 March 2016

AGRO CRUST VII festival 2016

"Hi comrades and friends!
This year we wanna start early to move our asses up to prepare the AGRO-CRUST VII d.i.y. anticivilisation festival/meeting/camp July 14th,15th,16th,17th, 2016 (somewhere at the campside between Girona and Barcelona, Katalonia, X-pain).
Principly there won't have a lot of changes of the whole (A)political-cultural event Agro-Crust
nor in other aspects, how you can see in the title. Another opportunity to live an unforgettable
moment together to mix up our convictions, creativities and energies to change the direction
of the world like we think and feel up to the total liberation.
We ask to everyone next to our ideas, especially the bands to communicate us as soon
as possible their intentions to play at the festival this summer. There were some bands
who asked us the last year yet to play this year. We're also looking for collectives/individuals
who want to take part with their activities like speachs, expositions, workshops, cooking food
or sound equipment...
Now we are open for your proposals!
Like every year we call all comrades to be animated to take part in the preparations with
their ideas, hands and activities.


Soon we'll call out an assambly for the interested comrades.
Thanx for spreading the info in your local scene, fanzine, blog, etc.
(no facebook, twitter, oficial websites, or another bullshit!) or translate it
to other languages!


PS: About past versions of Agro-Crust you can find + info at the blog:"

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