Friday, 11 December 2015

PANKEA #3 fanzine

newest, but already old number of this 'zine from Rijeka, I mean old because it's published at the beginning of the year, March or something like that but to me it's actually still fresh and also I'm sure it's still available from the authors or some distro.. this time I will not make it any longer than it's necessary, everything I say for first two issues applies to this one also, it means again you can read a ton of material like columns (of course, the best part of the 'zine), interview with Hoc (guy who was or still is in bands like Desinence Mortification, Bolesno Grinje, Anti Otpad...), story by few people which left Croatia and start living abroad (that's pretty actual theme here), then Ljubiša Samardžić / Bastinados tour report, 'zine and records reviews, etc.. so as you see it's some standard content of Pankea which has already, with those 3 numbers achieved some recognizable style and I really do hope that we'll be able to read new number soon..
language is Croatian, all together 40 pages in cut'n'paste style.. and remarkable thing, considering it's size is that 'zine is free, of course donations are welcome..

-contact: neumijko [at]
              antipank84 [at]


Anonymous said...

i zaboravil si spomenut da se mogu pročitati žalopojke silovatelja...

..crucified freedom.. said...

neznam točno na kaj tu ciljaš, valjda mi je promaklo.. a i tu spiku koja se povlači po zinovima na tu temu celo vreme ja ne kužim pol k.... kao svi pišu da ionak svi sve znaju, al evo recimo ja neznam..

Anonymous said...

bum ti natipkal mail pa ti objasnil ;)