Monday 21 December 2015

HELLBACK playin' covers live

two cover songs by Hellback played at their October gig in Našice.. one is from probably the most legendary hc crust punk band ever and the other is from one Serbian metal band for which I must admit didn't hear never before and song is more in Loš Primjer's style (another band from Požega) if you know what I mean, but it's badass and i like it.. check it for yourself..

update 5.06.2016:

recently I realized how much covers actually Hellback does when they play live so I try to find them all at youtube and I think that this are pretty much all of them.. after those two above which are something newer in their setlist by Nausea and Kraljevski Apartman there are also some which we are already used to hear by them, so let's go..

first is legendary "hymn" Pank Pankerima, originaly from one old Pž band Disčerge, probably the most covered song on domestic hc punk scene even though not really favorite to the band members and they always argue if they will play it or not, hehe, but the crowd always go mad on this song so they don't have really a choice.. this footage is from Tom klub and there is Kktz as a guest vocal..

then another already usual, by also old Pž band Apatridi called Before Everything.. this one even appears at last Hellback's release, as well as Punk Punkerima actually..

Broken Icon is cover by Fight Back, another well known Pž band, also was on their last release as well on the 1st demo..

on few of their last gigs they regularly were playing Violation by State of Fear and this one slowly becomes one of the best accepted covers on their gigs..

and for the end maybe the biggest surprise by them, cover from one old Serbian punk band for, if you was at least a little in ex-yu hc punk scene from 90's, you most likely heard of: K.B.O.! and song Lopovi..

okay, I think that's all I can remember right now, maybe there are few more, and who the hell knows what they will still cover in the future..

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