Thursday, 9 May 2013

STORMCROW live @ Gilman, California (U.S.A.) December 12th 2009 - video

and now something completely different then in previous post, Stormcrow is stench crust/metal band from Oakland, California (U.S.A.) delivering some serious heavy, dark and filthy tunes.. ufff, this band was such a good friend for my ears during this long and cold winter and yes, I admit, probably you must be in some fucked up mood to listen this all day long, but I was (still am, actually) in some rough life period so it fits me more than well.. it's hard to imagine for me something better then this on turntable in warm room with cold beer in hand while outside is snowing, ah romantics, heheh, fck, I must find a girlfriend.. but hey, these days are like 20+ °C and still I can listen to it..
and yes, if anyone know how to make extra long songs and not become boring - that's them (and maybe Anaeroba, but that's another story).. I've read in one review of their Enslaved in Darkness LP "It never grows stale and keeps the listener interested despite the music being extremely filthy and dark. It never slows down to the point of boredom but never speeds up fast enough to lose it's heaviness" and yes, that's just perfect description of this, I could say, perfect band.. I could write all day of how this band thrills me but my english doesn't allow me so I will let you enjoy the stench..
I found those live recordings at this channel:

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