Wednesday, 8 May 2013

AGITATOR live in Bačka Topola on May 10th, 1997 - video

Agitator is hc/punk/crust band formed in Sombor, Serbia back in 1994.. one of the rare bands active in '90s from ex-yu area whose records didn't pass thro' my hands and tape deck nor occupied my mind much, I knew for the band but never listen to it (I don't know why) all until last few years from when I'm trying to make it up..
here is an video of their live performance at club Đungla in Bačka Topola.. quality of video recordings are very low and raw, but, anyway it's a nice document of those times.. if you want skip the intro with drunk and ugly punks, concert part begins at 2:25..

-I found this video on this chanel:
-here you can read interview with Denis, the singer:

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