Tuesday, 17 May 2011

MORE NOIZE #5 fanzine

okay, we are back to 'zines.. here we have More Noize from UK, it's 5th issue published in October, 2010.. probably a lot of you knows about this 'zine so I won't spend many words on introduction..
in this num you can read letters, some author's thoughts on hardcore punk scene, big interview with Ydinaseeton Pohjola from Finland, then there is one "more like a casual conversation then the interview" with Raw'Arse, many reviews (records and fanzine, as well.. actually when you read all those fanzine reviews you realize how many paper 'zines is still out there!..), Scum fest and Punk Illegal festival reports, Glam and Discharge gig reports and bunch of photos scattered throughout the 'zine.. also you can read some writings about Swedish hardcore bands: Totalitar, Meanwhile, Skitkids, Avskum and Heratys, which are here like reaction on demands of the readers of this 'zine for more of Swedish hardcore, considering that the author of More Noize is from Sweden but he lives in London..
and for the end, like icing on the cake, a shitload of materials about well known Italian band Wretched (various infos, photos, stories, gig reports and interviews).. if you like this band like I do, I'm sure you will find something interesting for you..
as you can see, a bunch of material for reading.. all that is written with small font on 68 pages..
all in all, really nice 'zine, I like direct and "in your face" style of author's expression and the fact that he is pointing out that hardcore punk is more than just the music..
this number is sold out, same as all previous issues but you can read it online or download it.. link is, of course, from punks is hippies blog.. enjoy the noize!..
contact: slobodanburgher@gmail.com

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