Sunday, 8 May 2011

Anarchist Bookfair in Trbovlje, Slovenia

"Hey, this is an invitation for anyone who would like to attend anarchist bookfair/festival in Slovenia this May.
It will happen between 13. and 15th of May in Trbovlje, small industrial city about one hour drive from capital city Ljubljana. It is a historical sight of many antifascist and workers struggle through out late 19th and entire 20th century. Lately the focus of local people is mostly on the ecological issue. Our federation-Federation for anarchist organizing (FAO)-has a group in the area. Anyway, the main concept of this event is: bookfair with anarchist literature, cultural events (choir of women who sing antifascist songs from our history, choir of old partisans from 2nd world war and their supporters, social theater etc.), market with ecological products, public kitchen, different workshops (about ecological issues, women issues etc.)and perhaps most importantly two big panel discussions with guests from Slovenia and abroad.
On the last day we are planning to have a general assembly where we would write a joint statement from the event that we are hoping will become annual. We are expecting many guests from entire Slovenia, and of course abroad, especially Balkans, Italy and other places. We would like the event to be the meeting point for local people, activist from Slovenia and abroad, a common space of reflection of current situation and our involvement in it.
At this point we can only send these guidelines. If somebody is interested in attending let me know. We would like to host people/groups with anarchist distributions (especially literature), but if somebody has interests in other areas (like workshops) we would be glad.

for more information contact me, Marica"


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